Here’s What Berliners Love About their City

We stopped Fashion Week goers between the SS18 shows to get sentimental about the German capital

Luca, left: “My local Späti and the never ending weekends.”

Marieke, right: “I just feel at home here.”

Luca, left: “I like the feeling here, it is very comfortable. I don’t feel judged by anyone.”

Ayasato, right: “It is very artistic.”

Joshua, left: “KEBABS!”

Rachael, right: “I love Thai Park and going to the lakes in summer. Also, there are fewer douchebags than in London.”

Emma, left: “The people.”

Anderson, right: Fashion Week and of course, the clubs.

Madelaine, left: “The creative energy.”

Dustin, right: “That I can be who I am.”

Nicole, left: “The underground life.”

Indiana, right: “The friends that I have here.

Stella, left: “It’s my home, so I really get to chill here.

Olive, right: “I like the carefree attitude that Berlin has. It’s non-judgmental compared to other cities.

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