How to: Set up a Publishing Platform by David Fischer

David Fischer on how he made Highsnobiety the publishing giant it is today

There is no doubt that Highsnobiety is the biggest digital streetwear platform in the global fashion industry today. With over 2 million followers over its several subsidiary channels, Highsnobiety is the go-to website for today’s youth and beyond. In 12 years, David Fischer turned his small blog into a media brand that now covers tech, lifestyle, music, and naturally, streetwear style. A large part of Highsnobiety’s success is due to the fact that the team is always on the hunt for finding a story that no one has ever told before – and being the first to tell that story and give it exposure to the digital realm. We sat down with David Fischer after his presentation at #FASHIONTECH during Berlin Fashion Week to discuss five points on how to tackle the digital platform head on.

1) The age of the dot com is over

With the evolving tech industry, the “go-to” platform for maximising the highest audience is ever changing. Though David Fischer started his blog at the peak of the dot com phase, he believes that the window for launching a successful dot com platform has now closed. In a society where so many platforms exist for brands to upstart their careers, he states that it might not make any sense to start with a dot com platform and breed it into something bigger.

2) Focus on one specific platform rather than several

Since the birth of Highsnobiety 12 years ago, David Fischer has seen a shift from the dot com platform to Facebook and now currently to Instagram. Rather than putting all your eggs into several baskets, he suggests that it might be better to focus on one platform that caters specifically towards your niche. For video producers and creators, it might be best to start with Facebook and YouTube. For photographers, there is simply no way around Instagram- possibly the biggest social media giant when it comes to photography.

 3) Video is key for creating and maintaining a digital platform

For those wanting to launch a platform today, videography is essential. You will need to make videos, as that is where- according to David Fischer- everything is at. Facebook and YouTube are the two biggest video platforms, almost acting as social networks of their own. But even within those two video platforms, Facebook might be ideal for short videos whereas YouTube will be optimal for lengthier videos. However, there is no way around videography when creating a platform. The key lies in being able to produce quality content that is capable of storytelling.

4) Branded content can be the best content

Touching on uncharted territory, Fischer states that some of Highsnobiety’s best content lies within its branded content. Not only is it the content where they can invest the most money, it allows them to intertwine the brand’s main message with the audience’s interests. He tells of the story of Nike Golf x Highsnobiety Productions, where the lead producer ran across South African youth playing urban golf on the streets of Cape Town and instantly decided to incorporate the city’s youth with the biggest athletic brand. The produced video ended up being one of the most genuine videos made, with South African youngsters going about their lives playing urban golf whilst projecting Nike Golf’s brand.

5) Lastly, be ambitious and passionate about your work

Fischer states that his ambition for his company and what it stands for is what fuels him. Every night since he created Highsnobiety in 2005, he is sad to go to bed- even dedicating his weekends to writing posts for Highsnobiety’s website for updates on the biggest drops. The main reason behind his devotion is simple: it’s fun.

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