STROKE Art Fair Launches Daring Preview in Collaboration with Cadillac

The renowned German art fair previews daring works at the new Cadillac House in Munich

It’s scarcely been a month since the opening of Munich’s Cadillac House, but already over 17,000 visitors have been welcomed through its doors. A showcase for the future of the Cadillac brand, the innovative and multifaceted venue also acts as an exhibition space, a talent platform and, above all, a visionary site of meeting and exchange. As the first Cadillac House in Europe, the Munich hub aims to inspire, innovate and unite creative individuals and enterprises.

Following the hugely successful exhibition debut, “Letters to Andy Warhol”, Cadillac have now partnered with one of Germany’s most influential art fairs, STROKE, to curate “A DARING PREVIEW”. Uniting the US car brand and the German art collective is a fervent focus on exceptional quality, creativity and the experimental — a focus starkly evidenced in the selected exhibited works from STROKE’s upcoming fair. A celebration of the bold and the daring, the unique collaboration plays host to an array of risk-taking contemporary artists, dedicated not only to pursuing their own distinct visions, but also defy the changing trends of the art market and the art world as a whole. STROKE’s selection of young and upcoming artists are revolutionising the art world, not through eradicating the past, but by challenging artistic conventions and extending the parameters of art. The dynamic selection of forward-thinking works unreservedly embodies Cadillac’s whole ethos: DARE GREATLY.

The opening of “STROKE – A DARING PREVIEW” at Cadillac House, Munich

The exhibition features work by Mario Mankey, the artist responsible for the colossal feet sculpture installed at THE HAUS, Berlin. The Spanish artist examines the contradictions between MAN and monKEY, from which comes the pseudonym ‘Mankey’. His deeply symbolic mural, “Lobby is in the air”, an expression of the frustrations of modern life, forms part of the exhibition at Cadillac House.

Berlin-based Ivan Prieto also features among the artists exhibited. His visually striking sculptures draw upon Greek mythology and the embodiment of Icarus. The beautifully tragic, “Icarus” is a haunting contemporary reconception of the age-old tale of being encumbered by one’s own body and choices.

Left: Mario Mankey,”Lobby is in the air”
Right: Ivan Prieto, “Icarus”

Another exhibition highlight is Eric Nado’s unflinching typewriter series, which sees the complete reshaping of a typewriter into a weapon of contemporary warfare. Simultaneously evoking associations of violence and eloquence, the work is a reminder that the history of war is immortalised through words.

Eric Nado, “Typewriter Yellow”

The exhibition,  “STROKE – A DARING PREVIEW” runs until 27 August 2017

Exhibition view, “STROKE – A DARING PREVIEW” at Cadillac House, Munich


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