Inside the Breathtaking Homes of 5 Legendary Artists

We take a look at the residences behind our favourite artists, uncovering the spaces that inspire and shelter each talented creative.

 1. David Hockney

David Hockney’s West London apartment was designed by architect and friend, Tchaik Chassay, who now inhabits the property with his wife Melissa North. Chassay tells NOWNESS, “It’s pretty much, to this day, what I designed for David Hockney.” North’s eclectic taste is evidenced throughout, with traces of Hockney in every room – from his old palette to drawings and paintings of the couple themselves. Vibrant colours, leafy green plants and hundreds of books line the walls and surfaces of this bright and charming apartment, reminiscent of a Hockney painting. Watch the beautifully shot documentary short here.

2. Tom Bianchi

Tom Bianchi’s beautiful home in California’s Palm Springs is the ultimate retreat. The legendary photographer, famed for his portraits of the hedonistic gay scene in America, describes his way of living as “casual, organised chaos.” The spacious apartment houses Bianchi’s selection of books and modern art alongside a fusion of modernist furniture and vintage wood chairs and tables. The artist feels a strong connection between design, living and relaxation, adding, “A well-designed room should look like you can walk in it and be naked anywhere.” Watch the tour of Bianchi’s apartment here.

3. Jake Chapman

One half of art duo, the Chapman brothers, Jake Chapman resides in the idyllic countryside setting of the Cotswolds in England.  The sleek, ultra-modern interior is lifted by Chapman’s collection of art and design, although he admits, “Putting things on walls is always a problem for me.” His wife, Rose, is the one responsible for drilling into walls and adorning the walls of the rural property. Chapman had his reservations about moving to the countryside – in such a serene environment he wondered whether the work might start to become to positive – but his wealth of books and connection to the “real world” keep him grounded, so we can expect more of the macabre and grotesque works we’re used to. Watch Chapman’s NOWNESS episode here.

4. Ricardo Bofill

This vast ex-cement factory in the suburbs of Barcelona is home to one of Spain’s most renowned architects, Ricardo Bofill. A monument of Brutalism, the colossal structure is more of a cathedral than it is an apartment. The 5,000 square metre property is breathtaking both in proportion and design. The interplay of nature and man-made, of plants and concrete, culminates in a product of beautiful contradiction. Inside, soft white furnishings, libraries of books, and collections of paintings combine to create a harmonious and liveable space in a building once restricted to industry. Take a look at Bofill’s unconventional mansion here.

5. Rosie Uniacke

Rosie Uniacke’s Neo-Georgian London home is the epitome of English charm. High ceilings and huge bay windows result in grand, open spaces filled with natural light. The interior designer successfully merges old and new to create a space which is elegant and modern, but also homely at the same time. The house in Pimlico, London is expansive, and Uniacke describes never having seen anything like it. “Whatever you did with it, it would be a lovely place to live”, she claims. Aiming to create a “heart” in each room, she explains, “The theme for me was monastery meets Venetian palazzo.” Watch the full video here.

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