Kim Gordon Teams up with & Other Stories for its Newest Collab

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon injects feminist power into wardrobe staples.

Kim Gordon, artist, writer and member of hugely influential band Sonic Youth, has teamed up with & Other Stories to create some re-vamped wardrobe staples heavily influenced by her own visual art. Starting with the pronoun ‘her’ and moving on to ‘they’ ‘the other’ and more, the exclusive graphics were hand painted by Kim. Using metallic paints on rice paper, the print gives the rigid structure of the basic hoodies and t-shirts more fluidity and femininity. Kim spoke with & Other Stories on the concept and inspirations behind the designs, stating, “Dealing with the structured shapes of t-shirts and hoodies in this collection was almost like working with empty canvases. I decided to do pronouns because I like the idea of a word, and the sense of drama surrounding it.”

The designs, which were shot in her home in Los Feliz in LA, are modelled by her daughter and inspiration for the collection, Coco, as well as their adorable dog Syd.  The collection sees a mix of nine organic cotton t-shirts and hoodies and five silk scarves, covered in almost Rorschach Test prints and dripping metallic words. Creating high-street clothing that carries its own personality is a hard feat but in Kim’s words, “The screen printing makes the pieces feel more crafted and one-of-a-kind. Especially the abstract prints, they almost look tie-dyed, but more like art in a way.”

On the reasons for using Gordon as a collaborator, the head of Creative Lab at & Other Stories Caroline Bjorkholm perfectly captured her spirit by saying, “We admire how she continuously makes her own rules rather than adapting to others expectations.” Ever outspoken and bold, Kim commented on today’s clothing culture by saying, “I think that women can curate their environment by what they wear.” Their past collaborations have varied from Rodarte to Tom’s but by using a strong feminist icon and female role model, this collaboration holds resonance as a collection for girls who think and act the same as her. 

Watch the campaign videos here and here and shop the collection from the 31st August in store and on-line at & Other Stories

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