The LA Label on a Mission to Revive a 90s Classic

LA-based Rose in Good Faith teams up with JNCO to create a collection steeped in nostalgia.

Children of the 90s, rejoice. LA label Rose In Good Faith has partnered with JNCO for a collaborative 6-piece luxury collection. Acting as a relaunch for the brand loved by Juggalos worldwide, the capsule collection blends the luxe quality of RIGF with the signature fit of JNCO’s baggy pocket trousers, all handmade in LA. Rose In Good Faith co-founder David Teitelbaum describes the collection as “telling a story of our childhood and youth: Japanese tuner cars, video games, high octane.”

Formed in 2016 by Teitelbaum and his business partner Akiva Alpert, RIGF’s founders are adamant on holding the value of clothes as higher than “a simply a dollar figure.” Offering a more future-orientated approach to fashion, they twist conventions and reject the idea that luxury is a contrived market. Comprising the collection are two pairs of trousers, two tops, a vest, a shirt and a hoodie, all carrying the same theme but in their own distinct style. Varying from flame-print on neoprene to embroidered patches on Japanese denim, it’s the details in this collection that stand out the most – small blue cable ties hold custom curb chains onto a denim vest, a pre-made thumb hole in the hoodie for extra comfort value, the classic JNCO logo enlarged and pride of place on t-shirts and classically placed on the back pockets of the Nitro Pants.

The lookbook was shot in California at the iconic car-customiser LTMW. Specialising in European and Japanese car makes, the location encapsulates everything that the JNCO and RGIF collab is about. Each piece is cut to order in downtown LA and you can get the collection here for five days only.

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