21 Amazing Archive Fiorucci Images

Looking back at the original influencer, Elio Fiorucci and his array of incredible campaign images


Fiorucci are back with a bang. Relaunching in September, new owners Steven and Janie Schaffer have revived the famed figure-hugging jeans and crop tops, paving the way for a whole new generation to fall in love with the sex appeal of the brand.  In their heyday, Fiorucci’s Lexington and Park avenue New York flagship was known as the ‘daytime Studio 54’ and Elio Fiorucci can be held accountable for the introduction of women’s skinny jeans, Afghan coats and Brazilian underwear into the mainstream market.  He put on Madonna’s first show, gave Andy Warhol an office space, served the likes of Jackie O and Cher and created one of the first true communities within fashion.

Before Opening Ceremony and Dover Street Market existed, Fiorucci was the 70s equivalent, a lifestyle store that supplied New York’s hottest Disco lovers. Opening the doors to Lexington Avenue in 1976, Fiorucci’s reach and impact on the fashion world is still having it’s effects now. With Panini stickers frequently emblazoned with promiscuous campaign images and one-off special edition prints, shopping bags almost just as sought after as the clothes and endless collaborations and associations with the New York Disco scene, the brand has left an ongoing legacy hoping to be preserved in a new store.

Next month, a three -floor lifestyle and clothing store will open on Brewer Street in Soho, London, 50 years after opening his first store in  Milan in 1967. Check out the slide show for a taste of Fiorucci gold, from vintage campaigns, posters, shopping bags and stickers.


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