This New Editorial Shows FACETASM on the Streets That Inspired It

Japanese fashion at its finest, Toyohide Kanda brings FACETASM back to its roots

Inspired by both high-fashion and streetwear, FACETASM balances itself on a fine line between the two. Hiromichi Ochiai has been designing since 2007 and gained his well-deserved notoriety with an invite to show at Paris Fashion Week last year after his LVMH prize nomination. Shot by Toyohide Kanda, the shoot is representative of the brand’s ethos, high-end cuts matched with the easy nature of streetwear. Shot on the streets of Tokyo this editorial takes FACETASM into the environment it was designed to be in.

Left: Jacket and skirt by FACETASM  Right: Shirt by FACETASM, dress by Coach 1941, shoes are stylist’s own
Shirt by Facetasm, trousers by Growing Pains, shoes are stylist’s own

Left: Shirt and trousers by FACETASM, belt/body accessory by Ambush Right: Jacket and skirt by FACETASM, shoes are stylist’s own
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