Diesel Are as Tired of Perfection as You Are

Diesel are taking a stand against flawless curated feeds by wiping their Instagram and "going with the flaw"

In a world where our identities are becoming increasingly edited and curated, Diesel is taking a stand against perfection with their new campaign. First on the agenda was opting out of the endless scroll of “perfect” Instagram images by erasing everything on their account. Starting afresh, their new campaign is all about going against the grain by going “with the flaw” — as the brand explained, “We think perfection is boring, and especially on Instagram everybody seeks perfection. Perfect photo, perfect picture, perfect life. And we are just tired of it. So we decided to delete everything for an imperfect new beginning”.

The idea that perfection is overrated has long been trumpeted in fashion as well as other creative industries, but Diesel’s new campaign offers a refreshing example of a well-known and high-end brand embracing this ideology. Alongside the campaign images, Diesel has released a short film by François Rousselet, rousing us to embrace the imperfect details in ourselves and in our day-to-day lives. Set to the strains of Edith Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rien”, the tribe of models laugh in the face of the mundane and normal, promoting the idea of self-love and perseverance in  the face of adversity. In the words of Creative Director Nicola Formichetti , “being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect”. Watch the entire campaign video here.

For more information, head in store or to Diesel.com.

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