The Web Series Tracing the History behind Fashion’s Biggest Trends

We spoke to Kyle Ng, the streetwear designer-turned-television host behind the fashion industry's new favourite web series

Ever wondered how tartan evolved from traditional highland dress to grunge style staple? Or what really goes into producing your favourite pair of blue jeans? Uncovering the history behind fashion’s biggest trends is “Social Fabric”, a new web series presented by streetwear designer Kyle Ng. Each episode of the Redbull TV show finds the answers to these questions by heading straight to the source.

Travelling from the depths of Tokyo’s punk underground to cowboy boot-wearing metalheads in Botswana, Ng looks at denim, t-shirts, trainers, biker jackets and even the Kevin Federline-approved fedora, each with a unique viewpoint from a fanatic, collector or designer. With 12 episodes and counting, Ng describes the program as “a journey where you discover the meaning and history behind certain fashion trends and apparel. Whether it’s the origin of the camo print or the evolution of plaid, it’s a cultural education about style.” Produced by LA-based Citizen Jones, Ng states that the series covers “a number of trends that are very much engrained in global fashion today.”

Inspired by post-punk, skateboarding and the intricacies of fashion’s subcultures, Ng has long stood for what streetwear is about. His brand Brain Dead is a favourite among hypebeasts worldwide and his excitement for trendspotting is clearly visible in each episode. According to Ng, “Social Fabric” pushes the idea that “fashion isn’t about trying to fit in or feeling the pressure of needing to wear something. Once there’s pressure, it’s not right. Being comfortable in your clothes is essential. Feeling comfortable with what you wear is what style is – it is less about what you are wearing.”

The fashion industry of today is wildly different than that of the past, with more and more people shunning bigger brands in exchange for smaller labels. “Social Fabric” begins to tackle the reasons behind this upset, with Ng believing, “It’s not really about trends anymore, it’s about personal taste. I like the fact that people are more casual and relaxed with their clothing. Oversized, less rigid.”

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