Suzuki Is Banishing The Autumn Blues With A European Road Trip

From overlooked locales to holiday hotspots, Suzuki has your post-summer city break covered.

September might mean Fashion Month, but it’s also back to work season — and nowhere is that more keenly felt than in Berlin. For the entirety of August (and most of July, if you’re doing it right), Berliners evacuate the city en masse for exorbitantly long holidays, leaving only tumbleweed and empty bottles of Berliner Luft in their wake. However, if your work ethic was honed elsewhere, or you just don’t want the party to end, Suzuki is here to help.

If you’re considering one last city break to enjoy the final strains of sunshine, Suzuki has released an intriguing road trip route across Europe, highlighting overlooked locales in amongst the more traditional holiday hotspots. They’ve also provided custom recommendations in what to do in each of the four chosen cities: Cologne, Paris, Lyon and Mallorca. From the store where Parisians shop the latest local independent designers to Cologne’s little-know sneaker mecca, their road trip guide takes out a lot of the legwork of uncovering where locals like to shop and eat.

Suzuki Ignis Road Trip

They’re also providing 3 couples the chance to visit the locations in the new Suzuki Ignis, and participate in their “Road Trip Challenge”. Essentially: visit 6 amazing spots, complete 4 challenges, and the top two teams will win a stay in the luxurious Villa Meerblick, pictured above. If selected to participate in the challenge, that’s a two in three chance of getting a free luxury holiday in a breathtaking coastal villa – and given how grey and imposing the September skyline is already, you’ve got to like those odds.

The tour will take place from the 2nd-8th October, and entries are currently open. Sign up here (you might need to enable your Google Translate), and send us a postcard, won’t you?

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