Here’s What You Missed at the Sleek Art Cocktail Party for Berlin Art Week 2017

A chauffered experience whisking guests out of the city centre, Sleek Art Cocktail was the perfect start to the biggest weekend of Berlin's art calendar.

Berlin Art Week came, saw, and conquered, leaving in its wake a city full of hangovers, empty wallets, and minds bursting with new ideas. In terms of doing our bit to intoxicate and inspire the city, we hosted the Sleek Art Cocktail, a night of delicious drinks, great art and stimulating discussion at the Sir Savigny Hotel.

The night began with our guests being picked up in Sleek’s branded Cadillacs. The luxurious Cadillacs came complete with plush interiors, multiple screens for our guests’ entertainment, and some of the loveliest drivers we’ve ever had the pleasure of being ferried around by. Ridiculously stylish and equally comfortable, the Cadillacs provided our guests with a moment of sanctuary and respite during the Berlin Friday night rush.

From one sanctuary to another, our venue for the night, the Sir Savigny Hotel, prides itself on being an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle in Berlin. What better atmosphere to bring together our friends and supporters to celebrate one of the most exciting weeks in Berlin’s cultural calendar? Our guests descended upon The Kitchen and patio areas, sampling Sir Savigny’s impressive international library — and, of course, the Sleek Art exhibition.

For the night, Sleek Art exhibited work from two collections by peerless Dutch photographer Lonneke van der Palen. The first collection, “Shaping Colour,” is a collaboration with product designer Germans Ermic?s, exploring the unique relationship between colour and shape. Exploiting the diverse characteristics of mirrors and glass, the duo create illusory panes of subtle, modulated colour, placed against bold yet simple backdrops.


The second series, “Bernard Buffet,” serves as van der Palen’s perspective on cooking, but with 2-dimensional ingredients. Based on the favourite dishes of former Dutch Prince Bernard, van der Palen created sculptures from ingredient images found on Google (folded or pasted on foam or wood), and photographed them in different rooms of the Royal Palace. Both series served as a sumptuous treat for guests and revellers on the night.

Speaking of sumptuous treats: no round-up of the event would be complete without mention of the amazing food and cocktails on offer. Guests were invited to sample juniper berry gin & tonics and feast on food, courtesy The Butcher Kitchen & Bar. As one might expect from a kitchen with “Butcher” in the title, the hamburgers were out of this world, but the veggie burgers and fish & chips more than held their own against the carnivorous fair.

After hours of talking, feasting and admiring the art, all that was left to do was to hop back in the Cadillacs and head home — or to the next party.


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