Cat® Footwear Taps into the Phenomenon of the Influencer for Its Latest Campaign

Using influencers from all around the world, Cat® Footwear's new campaign encourages everyone to 'Go Boldly'

In the age of social media, the influencer is key. This season, Cat® Footwear taps into the phenomenon with a campaign focusing on a few lucky individuals who have garnered quite the following via social media. Offering a fresh perspective on life as an influencer, the stars of Cat® Footwear’s new campaign are shown celebrating the small achievements that often go unnoticed.

Fronting Cat®’s German campaign is Berlin-based photographer Lukas Korschan, who showcases his own unique personal and photographic style through his shoes and camera lens. Taking photographs of the boots in and around London’s Barbican Centre, the images show the urban side to Cat Footwear, attesting they’re not always on a building site. The photographs incorporate the bleak, brutalist backdrop of the buildings behind, proving it’s not necessarily what you’re wearing, but where and how you wear it. 

With the tagline “Go Boldly”, Cat® Footwear jumps on the bandwagon of self-expression and self-confidence. Using influencers from all around the world, each individual brings their own take on what it means to be different. With a broad scope of personalities that includes the bicycle experts at Bikeshack, Italian rapper The Priestess and even the founders of Thrd creative agency, the project brings together a creative group that perfectly manifest the “Go Boldly” lifestyle. The idea that by leaving your front door you change the world a bit every day. Branding this ideology as being an “Earthmover”, Cat® Footwear encourages the mentality that it’s up to us to change the world around ourselves. Of this, the company states: ”Our Earthmovers do not just live in their city, they shape the character of the city: impressive, authentic, lively and powerful.”

As part of the CATWEARTESTER campaign, Cat® lovers can now apply to test out the newest Cat® Footwear shoes. Selected Wear Testers receive one model of the new Cat® Footwear shoes to try for two weeks and can then share their experience on instagram. The most creative tester will be rewarded with a cash prize.

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