The Deliberately Uncomfortable Objects Designed For Your Inconvenience

Katerina Kamprani is the Athens-based architect designing objects with an eye for inconvenience

Contemporary design — innovative, efficient and convenient, right? Not for this Athens-based architect. Katerina Kamprani’s latest project turns design convention on its head by reinventing everyday objects as functionally obsolete.

Her collection, “The Uncomfortable”, sees mugs, cutlery and cleaning equipment reimagined as intentionally inconvenient utensils. Re-injecting humour into design, Kamprani describes her work as “design with personality”. “All the new information about User Experience and User Interaction that I learned during [my studies] inspired me to do exactly the opposite,” she explains.

With razor-sharp wit, Kamprani identifies the functional essence of any given object and warps it into obscurity. The results are impractical, unusable, but sharp as ever, demonstrating a whimsicality that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Check out some of our favourite objects below.

The Uncomfortable Wine Glass
Chain Fork
Engagement Mugs
The Uncomfortable Broom
Thick Cutlery Set
The Uncomfortable Pot
Cutlery Set
The Uncomfortable Mug

When asked about her favourite piece, Kamprani told us, “it used to be the watering can. Although it happened unintentionally, it seems to me like this watering can has a personality of its own, and looks back on itself, like an introvert watering can. Or one that refuses to water the plants!” Since the production of the prototypes, this has changed — “I have a new favourite, the engagement mugs. Mainly because it was the most challenging to construct and in the end it worked! I loved the challenge!”

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