14 Most Instagrammable Works At Frieze London 2017

Our selection of what to see at Frieze London 2017, based on what will get you the most social media clicks.

Frieze Art Fair means different things to different people. For collectors it’s a playground, and for everyone else it’s a chance to see what’s making the art world go around. 

This year’s specially curated section is dedicated to Sex Work, featuring works by Marylin Minter and other groundbreaking female artists. The rest of the fair seems to have taken note too. Here’s a selection of the most outstanding works most likely to end up in everyone’s Instagram feeds.

1. Goshka Macuga, “Angela Merkel” (2014)

2. Sarah Lucas, “Washing Machine Fried Egg” (2016)

3. Do Ho Suh, “Main Entrance, 388 Benefit Street, Providence, RI 02903, USA” (2016)

4. Henrik Olesen, “Extinguished Match 1987 (after Claes Oldenburg)” (2010)

5. Betty Tompkins, “Fuck Painting #46” (2012)

6. Gillian Wearing, “Me as mirror” (2017)

7. Ciprian Muresan, “The End of Five-Year Plan” (2004)

8. Berta Fischer, Yblis (2017)

9. Neha Choksi and Rachelle Rojany “Swing for friends(in Faith in friction)” (2017)

10. Daniel Knorr, “Depression Elevations, Industrial 11” (2017)

11. Prem Sahib, “Daytimer” (2015)

12. Lili Reynaud-Dewar, “Small Tragic Opera of Things and Bodies in the Museum” (2017)

13. Anna Uddenberg, “Cuddle Clamp” (2017)

14. Angelo Plessas, “Talismanas (Extropic Optimisms)” (2015)

Full details and ticket information for Frieze London 2017 can be found here.

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