Our Latest Menswear Editorial Features Plenty of Military and Workwear-Inspired Design

Take a look at the new collection from C. P. Company inspired by performance wear and classic pieces

Left: Total Look by C. P. Company Right: Total Look by C. P. Company

We’ve created an exclusive menswear editorial with the new collection from C. P. Company, a brand whose AW17 collection walks the line between innovation and practicality. Drawing inspiration from military and workwear design, the collection is a cross between normcore and streetwear, all the while pushing the boundaries of fabric and garment construction. The sports-influenced designs offer a perfect example of how performance-orientated fashion is now a staple in most wardrobes, proving it’s no longer fashion over comfort.

With sportswear so heavily ingrained in the development of the brand, C.P. Company lifts the technological advancements of performance clothing and intricately laces it with practical yet classic cuts. The 3-layer-membraned stretch fabric, most often seen in windbreakers and highly durable coats, has been re-created into field parkas, pea coats and a classic zipped blazer. Alongside a full knitwear range, the collection is for the sensible and for the fashionable.

Left: Total Look by C. P. Company Right: Total Look by C. P. Company

The collection’s key piece comes in the form of a digitally-printed nylon jersey jacket  in an exclusive camo design for C. P. Company. With the insurgence of camo in hype brands and street style, this is the piece that will get you noticed. As a trademark addition to all of their garments, the goggles included in almost every garment of the collection add a little steam-punk edge to otherwise ‘norm-core’ looks. With the concept of the shoot reflecting the simplistic nature of the collection, we present the collection in this editorial blurred and focussed, in motion and relaxed.

Left: Total Look by C. P. Company
Left: Total Look by C. P. Company Right: Total Look by C. P. Company

For more than forty years, C.P. Company have created timeless pieces with a modern twist. It should come as little surprise, then, that they’ve developed somewhat of a cult following. C.P. have decided to honour this avid fanbase with their recent “Eyes on the City” campaign, which celebrates fans of their most well-known and well-loved item: the Goggle jacket. The jacket features in a series of videos which also features some of the most creative cities on the planet, and the creative people who make them so special. The subjects face away from the camera, with their eyes literally “on the city”, proudly showing off their goggles. It’s through this lens we see Jakarta, London, Astrakhan, Moscow, and beyond.

Left: Total Look by C. P. Company Right: Total Look by C. P. Company

For more information please visit cpcompany.com

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