Misfit: A Menswear Editorial Celebrating Rebel Antiheroes and Young Offenders

Our latest menswear editorial explores the myth of the rebel — by placing him in an actual Parisian courtroom.

Left: Jacket by Levi’s, Red jacket by Maison Margiela, Tank top by Levi’s, Shirt by Brioni, Trousers by Maison Margiela, Shoes by Ann Demuelemeester, Necklace by Dinh Van Right: Cap by Polo Ralph Lauren, Jacket by Y/Project, Tank top by James Pierce, Belt by Wasted Paris, Trousers by Takahiromiyashita, Socks by Acne Studio, Shoes by Ann Demuelemeester, Scarf by Wendy Jim

With the recent comeback of Burberry Nova check and the insurgence over the last ten years of street wear, the “working class” look is in fashion (albeit problematically). The myth of the “outsider” — a rebellious, rule-breaking antihero, a la James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” and Ponyboy in S.E. Hinton’s “The Outsiders” — continues to fascinate. Perenially a person of interest in wider culture, the dark and handsome young ruffian is the star of our Misfit editorial.

For Sleek 55, Antoine Harinthe shot and filmed his fictional take on the myth of the “young offender”. Fitted out in a Louis Vuitton suit and a multitude of other high-end brands, the editorial tells the tale of young man as he goes through the negotiations and sentencing process of court. Shot on location in Paris in a court room, our rebel is portrayed as elegant yet rough.

Left: Coat by Facetasm, Jumper by Acne Studios, Long shirt by Comme Des Garçons Shirt, Belt by Wasted Paris, Jeans by Études, Ring by Ambush, Necklace by Dinh Van

Whilst the bad boy might want to give off an air of invicibility, the books and movies focusing around this figure often feature his bravado being broken down — in this case, it’s the legal system which bests our young antihero. Whilst our misfit looks unfathomably cool with his Comme Des Garcons shirt perfectly untucked, this photo series shows him in the most tender and emotional moments too. Paired with the video, you get a sense that as soon as he walks through the doors of the court, his bravery switches off. He is just another guy behind a sheet of glass.

Left and RIght: Tank top by Levi’s, Trousers by Weer, Necklaces by Dinh Van


Left and Right: Tank top by Levi’s, Trousers by Weer, Necklaces by Dinh Van


Jacket by Z Zegna, Long Sleeve by Givenchy, Shirt by Givenchy


Shirt by Lanvin, Jumper by Lanvin, Ring by Ambush


Rings by Ambush


Total look by Louis Vuitton, Belt by Wasted Paris, Chain by Louis Vuitton, Boxers by The White Brief


Total look by Louis Vuitton, Belt by Wasted Paris, Chain by Louis Vuitton, Boxers by The White Brief


Polo by Fred Perry, Long sleeve by Samizdat by Yang Li, Ring by Ambush
Jacket by Brioni, Shirt by Christian Dada, Tie by Acne Studios, Necklace by Dinh Van, Boxers by The White Brief


Coat by Y/Project, Grey jacket by AMI, Brown jacket by Sadak, Shirt by Y/Project, Tie by Acne Studios, Trousers by Ann Demeulemeester, Ring by Ambush


Coat by Giorgio Armani, Scarf by Puma X Fenty by Rihanna, Shirt by Dries Van Noten, Jumper by Dries Van Noten, Jeans by G-Star Raw, Extra long belt by Y/Project, Socks by Acne Studios, Shoes by Ann Demuelemeester


Jacket by Jil Sander, Sweater by Z Zegna

Originally featured in Sleek 55

Photographer: Antoine Harinthe
Stylist: Jonathan Huguet
Model: Ernest Klimko via _Premium
Extra Talents: Michel Felet (Judge)
Art Direction: Mathieu Selvatici
Grooming: Michael Delmas @ Atomo
Set Designer: César Sébastien
Production: Élodie Frévillez and Julius Salvenmoser
Stylist’s Assistant: Marie Soares
Photographers Assistant: Tomasz Firkowski

sleek team

sleek team

– The Visual Contemporary

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