12 Times Chloë Sevigny Made Everything Better

Is there anything this girl can't do?

Chloe Sevigny for PSWL. Image: Proenza Schouler

Chloë Sevigny: Queen of the ’90s, the ultimate “it-girl”. She stole our hearts as Larry Clarke’s tragic heroine, and has been a reigning monarch of pop culture ever since. Her shaved head, boyish style and bold androgyny rejected femininity as we knew it and redefined beauty standards in her distinct Sevigny style. She landed modelling contracts with everyone from H&M to Miu Miu to Chloé (lest we forget Chloë-does-Chloé). She’s an acting sensation, fashion icon, designer, producer, director, feminist — the girl can do no wrong. Amidst the news this week that she’s fronting PSWL, Proenza Schouler’s White Label campaign, we chart the roles Queen Chloë has slayed in the past 25 years.

The Finest Example of “White Trash” There Ever Was


Gummo (1997), dir. by Harmonie Korine. Image: Fine Line Features

It may have a bad rep across the board, but no one does white trash like our girl Chlo. Bleached blonde hair with brows to match (which btw, no, you should not try at home), Sevigny brought an understated beauty to her hopeless, “low-life” characters. From sad loner Daisy in “The Brown Bunny” to despondent nymphet Dot in “Gummo“, Sevigny kills small-town white girl chic.

The Pre-Supreme Streetwear Don

Sevigny was feeling Fila before streetwear snobs were even out of their diapers. Try and tell us you don’t want to emulate this exact look today. P.S.: If anyone knows where we can get that jacket, hit us up.

The Stripped-Back Covergirl

Image: Dazed

It takes a hell of a woman to be able to pull off a bowl cut (believe us, we’ve tried), but Chloë Sevigny slays every time.  This nostalgic and stripped-back cover, once again challenging conventions of beauty and femininity, is giving us the chills. GO CHLOË GO.

The Soul-Searching Teen (and Tragic Heroine)

Kids (1995) dir. by Larry Clark. Image: Miramax

The world wasn’t ready for the cultural shake-up that was to follow the controversy that was “Kids”. Sevigny erupted on to the scene as shy New York teen Jennie, who is faced with the gruesome reality of HIV. With a rawness and innocence that won all of our hearts, Sevigny’s enduring legacy is largely thanks to her first (and street-cast) role.

The Pilled-Up Party Girl

Party Monster (2003) dir. by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, Strand Releasing

Ok so this is a bad film, we know. But it’s a good bad film, you know what we mean? Macaulay Culkin and Chloë Sevigny play the hedonistic youth of the ’80s club scene alongside a weird (true-story) murder plot. Come for Chloë, stay for the looks.

The Enigmatic “X-Girl” Girl

Chloë Sevigny, we can’t keep our eyes off you. This weird, Godard-inspired, behind-the-scenes look at the star-studded Marc Jacobs show gives us raw Sevigny in all her glory. We’re transfixed.

The Cutesie Fashion Intern Who’s Cooler than You

Sassy magazine, 1992

Before there was L.C., there was Chlo-E. As an intern for Sassy magazine (the alternative teen mag headed by Jane Pratt of xoJane), Chloë proved, as the headline states, that she’s got more style in her little finger than we’ll ever have. We can’t decide if we want to be her or marry her.

The Actual Embodiment of “Apartment Goals”

This was the moment when a fashion icon turned interior-design guru. If the world wasn’t already in awe enough, Apartamento went and raised the bar with a tour of Sevigny’s humble abode.  The inside look into this ’70s prep-inspired apartment revealed Sevigny’s style is more than a façade — it’s a way of life. Chlo, you can come feng shui our office ANY DAY.

The Scabby, Sex-Addicted Amputee

Chloe Sevigny in “American Horror Story”. Image: FX

There’s versatility, and then there’s this. Chloë Sevigny, you are truly something else. Heinous and scarring as this image might be, Sevigny nailed her role in “American Horror Story” as well as anyone ever could. We’d like to say firstly that we’re terrified at whoever came up with this storyline (we hope you’re ok hun), but my God, what a performance.

The Smouldering Secretary

Broken Flowers (2005), dir. by Jim Jarmusch, Focus Features

She did it in “American Psycho”, and again in “Broken Flowers”. Those glasses. That stare. Chloë, Queen, heaven knows you deserve to be doing more than just paperwork, but you are the epitome of secretary-chic.

The Fashion Rebirth of Ziggy Stardust

Miu Miu 2012 campaign starring Chloë Sevigny. Image: Miu Miu.

What happens when three legends meet? There’s so much to unpack in this Chloë-meets-Bowie, meets Miu Miu campaign. Rocking the androgynous femininity for which she’s so renowned, Sevigny makes us want to hold a fancy dress party just to channel Ziggy Stardust.

The Daring Director

Kitty (2016) dir. by Chloë Sevigny. Image: Refinery29

We can’t get enough of Sevigny’s face on-screen, but her journeys behind the camera wow us all the same. She directed “Kitty” in 2016 and “Carmen” as part of Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales project this year. Both are complex feminine narratives that awaken our fierce, feminist spirits.



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