The Trend Tribes of Paris Fashion Week

Pledge your allegiance: photographer Yu Fujiwara captures the tribes and tribulations of Paris Fashion Week.

In the fast-paced, post-Internet, postmodern world, fashion trends are so passé. Or are they? This is exactly the question we asked ourselves after a month of people-watching in the four fashion capitals. It seems that while brands nowadays focus on a creating coherent style independent of fashion trends, the task of trend-setting has been overtaken by street-style mavericks and influencers.

Trends are now seemingly generated on the front rows of fashion shows, outside show venues, and at the after party. Nowhere is this more true than Paris. Here are the trend tribes photographer Yu Fujiwara captured at Paris Fashion Week. If you want to remain en vogue, look closely.


Seems like Burberry are bringing back their infamous Nova Check just in time, as checked patterns are enjoying crazy popularity right now. And why wouldn’t they? No other pattern is as subversive and classy at the same time.

Printed Dresses Worn Over T-Shirts

The combination might remind you of the late 1990s, but it’s so on-trend right now. Take a hint from Tiffany Hsu’s black and yellow dress by Preen and opt for bold colours.

Puffer Jackets

Demna Gvasalia has been propagating the puffer jacket for seasons, and the fashion community has responded to his rallying cry. Oversized, voluminous, brightly coloured jackets proliferated at the recent round of fashion weeks. Wearing them unzipped and off-the-shoulder to exaggerate that bulky silhouette proved to be a popular option among Paris’s streetwear aficionados.

Bucket Hats

The controversial early-aughts trend that currently celebrates a revival is the bucket hat. Wear it with an oversized jacket, or style it up with typical French classics – in the era of postmodernity, anything goes.


If you ever question that Paris is the capital of flamboyant fashion, these images should clear up your doubts. From plush overalls to emerald-green kimonos, these Parisians are in a love affair with maximalism. 

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