The Photographer Showing the Graphic Beauty in Our Urban Landscape

Berlin based photographer Jamiela Akhardid reveals the graphic beauty of modern urbanism

Left: VALENCIA 03, 2016 Right : VALENCIA 04, 2016

At only 21 years old, Berlin based photographer Jamiela Akhardid is revealing the beauty in modern urbanism and reminding us all to celebrate minimalism. Akhardid has an ability to present something that is hard to master — the clean, graphic, bare beauty in our urban landscapes — nothing can stay uniform for long with human interaction.

Akhardid was given a camera at the early age of 11 and has aspired to be a photographer ever since. Studying at Berlin’s Lette Verein, Akhardid was able to hone in on her understanding of photography and what art meant to her. Despite her youth and the limitations this has had on her in the industry, her photographs are accomplished and mature, “If you are convinced of your work, you should always believe in yourself”. Akhardid demonstrates the power of architecture, embodying the mood and special features of the buildings she captures,“I like to show people how I see things”. Akhardid’s unique perspective places significance on the graphic line. “I love architecture,” she tells Sleek, “the perfection in the smallest detail.” But Akhardid’s photos are not only about perfection, “it’s about expressing what I feel,” she explains.

Left: VALENCIA 05, 2016, Right: VALENCIA 07, 2016

Akhardid often uses a plain blue sky as her canvas and urban structure as her medium and her colour palette is minimal and light. She boldly interjects the sky with architectural lines and shapes, creating minimal compositions an ode not only to minimalist photography, but constructivism, collage and graphic design. Her colour palette is minimal and light, a mixture of blues, greys and white. Akhardid’s dreamlike compositions explore the dichotomy many artists attempt to understand, that of nature vs manmade. In these photographs, stark of human existence, monumental buildings converse with the sky.

We are excited to have a selection of Jamiela Akhardid’s photography on Sleek Art and are looking forward to seeing what this young photographer has to offer next. To see more or purchase her work please visit Sleek Art.

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