How to Dress Stylishly Without Freezing to Death This Winter

Sleek's top tips for your winter wardrobe

Thermals Are Your friends

Ok, so we know they’re not stylish, but thermals are your knight in shining armour when it comes to winter fashion. Thermals provide all the warmth without the bulk, so you can still don bold outfits without compromising your wellbeing. While you could fork out on expensive alpine gear, your thermals don’t need to cost the earth (unless you’re climbing a literal mountain). We recommend Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range.


A Floor-Length Coat Will Make You Feel Like a Queen

Not only will a floor-length coat make you feel like Cinderella in her gown, it will also keep you warm all the way down to your toes. Get one in a cosy wool-blend, suede, or (faux/vintage) fur if your that way inclined and channel your inner Miranda Priestly.

Knitwear Is a Bold and Timeless Thing

Is there anything more exquisitely wintery than a good old fashioned knit? Of course, it doesn’t actually have to be old fashioned – we’re all for bold and modern designs, much like the ones designed by our friends over at HIGH. Whatever the winter weather, a trusty jumper is an absolute must-have.

Berets Are Back

Berets are back, and we’re oh-so-happy about it. Everyone needs a little Parisian chic in their lives, and berets have us feeling all Amélie — oui oui, ma chérie! Not only will they keep you nice and toasty (just in case that thing about losing all your heat through your head is actually true), they’re also bang on trend. It’s a win-win.

The Dreamers (2003) dir. by Bernardo Bertolucci. Image: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves

A good pair of gloves is absolutely essential, and thanks to the fashion sportswear/ workwear revival, they’re stylish too. Hit North Face, Under Armour, or Nike for tried and tested weatherproof hand protection.

Be Wary of Wool

Wool is great, but my God, can it be itchy. There is nothing worse than an itchy scarf (okay, there might be something worse, but bare with us for dramatic effect). Something that’s supposed to keep you warm and snug sending you into a frenzy of incessant scratching? It just ain’t right. Opt for a cashmere blend if you can, or at least make sure to try your knits before you buy. Luckily, brands like HIGH are pioneering the use of breakthrough technical synthetics with natural yarn and wool to keep that itching at bay, so we can stay warm without compromising on comfort.

Cosy knitwear without that scratchy wool texture. Image: HIGH

A Skirt Won’t Hurt

It’s freezing, we get it, but you don’t have to wear trousers all the time. Get yourself a long skirt, get your aforementioned thermals on underneath and add some long boots. Voila. The perfect way to enliven your winter wardrobe.

Workwear = Winter Wear

Durability, practicality, functionality – anything that’s meant to be worn outside has instant winter merit. Think Carhartt, think rain pants, think workwear-inspired GmbH (but go for actual workwear if, like us, you can’t afford the alternative).

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