Adidas Takes Us Back to the Future With the New Crazy 8

The Crazy 8 ADV and Crazy 8 ADV PPK are a contemporary take on a retro silhouette.

In the midst of the current sneaker Renaissance, it can be hard to navigate the haze of endless drops, new releases and special editions. In amongst this chaos, truly head-turning designs can still grab our collective attention — and seem all the more special for their ability to stand out from the crowd. The latest innovation commanding our attention is the re-release of the legendary Adidas “Crazy” sneaker: a fashion distortion of the space- time continuum. The two new models, Crazy 8 ADV and Crazy 8 ADV PPK, share an aesthetic principle best described as “back to the future”. The sleek, ultra modern designs are an intelligent and elegant update of a classic ’90s style. The modernization of the mid-cut basketball silhouette has been done in a way that protects the classic style of the past, while ushering in the technology of the present. As a result, both designs look as appropriate for the court as they do for the moon. The Crazy’s signature bold, in your-face color and material have been swapped for elegant and minimalist materials and overlays. The taming of what was once an aggressive silhouette illustrates a refined, more mature approach to the mythology of the model.

The legend of the Crazy as the archetype of provocative, in-your-face footwear has been carried forward by the appointed “faces” of the footwear. Adidas Originals tapped hip-hop royalty 21 Savage, Playboi Carti and Young Thug to rep the the rebirth, channeling the full force energy of the latest generation of “rockstar” rappers. Such a well-curated group of poster children is only a further testament to Adidas Original’s razor-sharp awareness of the cultural landscape of its audience. The new Crazy models and their chosen mascots establish, once again, that Adidas is a company unafraid to break boundaries, push buttons and potentially alter dimensions.

Left: Adidas Crazy 8 ADV PK, Right: Adidas Crazy 1 ADV
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