Viu’s “Wire Collection” Blends Elegance With Practicality

The latest collection from Zurich-based eyewear brand VIU is equal parts elegant and practical with streamlined frames, crafted from steel.

Everyone who wears glasses can confirm: looking for a new pair can be an absolute nightmare. First of all, the choice seems to be intimidatingly limitless. Second, glasses almost never look as good on you as they do in the store or online: fashionably oversized frames turn out to be too bulky, whereas smaller ones make one’s face look too big. Third, the most stylish frames always seem to be the most fragile ones: just when you think you’ve found the perfect pair, they break, leaving you to start the search all over again.

If you have ever experienced the frustration of not being able to find just the right pair of glasses, you’ll be glad to learn that one brand is changing the eyewear game. The brand’s name is VIU, and its aim is to “frame personalities”. Conceptualised in Zurich, VIU’s designs are hand-made by small local manufacturers in Italy and Japan. VIU’s founders believe that conscious production is the only way to ensure that the quality is impeccable.

Although the production process is important, design is key for VIU. Over four years of business, the brand has developed a recognisable style – minimalist, impeccably elegant and attractively unfussy. VIU’s design principles are crystallised in their most recent collection. Titled “Wire Collection”, the label’s latest offering  consists of clear-cut lightweight frames. Crafted from stainless steel, the frames evoke ’60s and ’70s style. However, due to the clever minimalist design, they are unmistakably contemporary. Whereas steel frames, however stylish, can be fairly unstable, these streamlined designs are much more sturdy and durable than they might seem. This is thanks to the tiny hinges, which are virtually unnoticeable and blend seamlessly into the overall design. It’s subtle details like this which make the “Wire Collection” akin to fine jewellery.

The gold, silver and bronze hues of the frames also evoke jewelry. The collection features various shapes, from larger and rounded ones to smaller angular styles. 

The key themes behind the “Wire Collection”  are freedom and lightness: these themes are mirrored in the names of the designs. Dubbed “The Spirited”, “The Vivid”, “The Vibrant” and “The Bright”, the frames are intended to be effortlessly elegant and supremely comfortable (“leaving air to breathe”).

As well as prescription glasses, the “Wire Collection” also includes sunglasses. The sunglasses’ earth-toned lenses contrast beautifully with the sharp steel frames. The effect is cool and nonchalant, vaguely reminiscent of the Golden Age of rock’n’roll, memorable looks of Bob Dylan and utopian ideals of the hippie era.

The carefree spirit of the “Wire Collection” is best captured in the release campaign. Starring lean models Esme Ham and Ziggy Torres,  and shot by Alina Asmus, the campaign features soft, technicolour tones that make you think of Wes Anderson’s cinematic style.

With the “Wire Collection”, VIU have crafted elegant frames are as stylish as they are practical: crafted from steel, they are not only lightweight, but also virtually unbreakable. The glasses retail at 195€, and are available now; as of November 30th, you can buy the latest designs in VIU’s stores, as well as online.

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