Road Trip: Bjørg-Elise Tuppen Gets a Glimpse of the Northen Lights

The graphic designer takes a trip back to Norway in a Volkswagen Tiguan.

From Hugh Jackman to Jennifer Lawrence, Shaggy to Scooby-Doo, everyone loves a Volkswagen. Known across the globe for its humble design and efficiency, Volkswagen isn’t called “the people’s car” for nothing. In honour of its recent triumphs — from the new T1 to the Tiguan — Volkswagen invited nine influencers on a road trip across Europe, and we’re here to document their travels.

The work of Norwegian artist and graphic designer Bjørg-Elise Tuppen is simply magical, with starry lights and ethereal plumes in pastel violet and forget-me-not blue casting a dream-like mood over her highly evocative pieces. But this comes as no surprise: Her homes in Harstad and Andøya offer plenty of inspiration, and Tuppen spins her daydreams from amongst the snow-capped mountains and frigid bays speckled across Norway. On a clear night when the clouds part, the Northern Lights might even come out to play for Tuppen’s cameras. Volkswagen sent her cruising across her hometown to share the views from her personal winter wonderland.

Tuppen took the road less traveled: She hopped in her Volkswagen Tiguan as the sun set over the harsh mountain ranges and endless seas. As she straddled the coastline, a dreamy wash of colours flooded the sky and recast the clouds in moody grey and pinks. It was a full moon, so the tides lapped close to the bay, but the clouds quickly dissipated to reveal a clear black sky. It’s here that the real magic of Scandinavia unfolded: Across the pitch black sky, dazzling emerald beams of Aurora Borealis dances above the beach where Tuppen had settled.

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