Road Trip: Mark Morciano Takes Tuscany

The Italian photographer and digital artist explores the Crete Senesi region, courtesy of Volkswagen.

From Hugh Jackman to Jennifer Lawrence, Shaggy to Scooby-Doo, everyone loves a Volkswagen. Known across the globe for its humble design and efficiency, Volkswagen isn’t called “the people’s car” for nothing. In honour of its recent triumphs — from the new T1 to the Tiguan — Volkswagen invited nine influencers on a road trip across Europe, and we’re here to document their travels.

Photographer and digital artist Mark Morciano often turns to his camera to the Eternal City. Originally from Salento, the Italian image maker reimagines the ample architectural brilliance of Italy’s capital and other sights from his globetrotting with a taste for light and colours that is often left out. His road trip snapshots from Tuscany were none the different: Cast in a golden bath of sunlight, Morciano discovered the Crete Senesi region from the comforts of a white Volkswagen Golf. Weaving between lines of sentinel Cypress trees and across the hilltops under a clear blue sky, he revelled in the delights that Italy has to offer even off season.

Indeed, the countryside is more than a place for tippling wine and late summer nights: the winding paths and roads are perfect for a winter time cruise to take one’s mind off the daily grind. It’s a region lush with wine, sure, but also quaint villages and rural towns with fresh baked bread and other tasty treats. It’s a region where tall trees burning gold with autumnal leaves stand in place for television towers and power lines. It’s a region, for digital natives like Morciano, to ditch the map and just drive.

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