Road Trip: Matthias Pieper Flies High Over Malta

The German drone operator extraordinaire captures breathtaking images high over Malta, courtesy of Volkswagen's road trip.

VW Tiguan – Malta

From Hugh Jackman to Jennifer Lawrence, Shaggy to Scooby-Doo, everyone loves a Volkswagen. Known across the globe for its humble design and efficiency, Volkswagen isn’t called “the people’s car” for nothing. In honour of its recent triumphs — from the new T1 to the Tiguan — Volkswagen invited nine influencers on a road trip across Europe, and we’re here to document their travels.

VW Tiguan – Malta

One if by land and two if by sky: Matthias Pieper’s photographs take flight with the assist of drone-mounted cameras. The German drone operator extraordinaire captures breathtaking images and vistas from a bird’s eye view, and Volkswagen sent him on a road trip across Malta to explore the coastal beauty of the island’s archipelagos. Even in the winter, Malta’s temperature remains balmy and breezy—cardigan weather at its worst. Sun rays ripple across the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, and the underbrush glows green year round.


Pieper popped into a sleek white Tiguan to hit the road and explore the rocky cliffs and shorelines that make Malta a notoriously popular spot for vacations by the sea. As he climbed through the back paths and sandy side streets, his drone took the sky for an unparalleled views at the spectacular natural beauty Malta has to offer: Rolling hills tipple into dramatic white-stone ledges overlooking reefs tucked away under gorgeous blue waters that are as clear as the sky. In Pieper’s travel snapshots from his ride from sea to shining sea, you can almost taste the fresh air and feel the sun’s warmth—sometimes, all it takes is just a new perspective.

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