Weekday’s New Party Collection Covers All Your End of Year Festivities

In their last drop of the year, Swedish brand Weekday has released a line perfect for winter weekends plans.

In their last drop of the year, Swedish brand Weekday has released a line for your upcoming wild winter weekends. The Party Collection perfectly encapsulates what makes Weekday unique, combining thoughtful, Scandinavian design with the rowdy and rule-breaking spirit of youth culture. The collection’s slogan, “LESS WORK MORE TECHNO”, is the 2018 resolution we didn’t know we needed. Although techno is acknowledged as a specific influence, new pieces like varnished leather jackets and black graphic tees appeal to a broader range of subcultures. To Weekday, a party is a party, whether it’s a rock show, a rave or anything in between.

With exciting colors and textures, like glittering metallic dresses for women and teal velvet shirts for men, the new collection makes it easy to break the mold. Each piece brightens up the drab season staples, while maintaining a certain holiday elegance. Highlights like shiny silver chokers and teardrop earrings transform the looks from day to night, adding that extra bit of shimmer we often want in the season of blinking lights. The bright and unapologetically bold sweaters mean we don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth. The pieces are versatile, functional and smart, preparing you for family dinners and new years ragers all the same.

With the Party Collection Weekday has proved (contrary to popular belief) that we don’t have to abandon our sense of style in the cold winter months. Now we can assemble the perfect winter outfits for those nights when we aren’t quite sure where we’ll end up. With this new line of malleable yet edgy basics, we’ll prepared for any party (or weather) that blows our way. Cop your favourite looks from the collection in Weekday stores on online now.

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