Superdry’s Jackets Meet All Of Our Winter Expectations

Superdry’s “This is the Jacket” campaign speaks to the intimate bonds we form with our winter jackets.

We expect a lot out of our winter jackets. After all, they become “the chosen one”, the piece of clothing that we appoint to keep us warm from the autumn leaf until the first spring flower. This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly; it’s a commitment that stays with us through our coldest and darkest nights. In terms of utility, we need a jacket that is durable, reliable and resilient. But in terms of style, we a need a jacket with nuance, one that expresses our style resolutely, one worthy of becoming the staple of the season.

Superdry’s “This is the Jacket” campaign speaks to the intimate bonds we form with our winter jackets. The campaign video is based on a collaboration with rising grime star Paigey Cakey. The ever-stylish, English-born MC produced an original track for Superdry which hits us with the relentless lyrical realness she’s known for. We’re reminded our winter jackets are also what get us through the adversity and drama of everyday life. In a montage of moody city scenes, the video show off the sheer breadth of Superdry’s selection. Diversity in color and style proves that staying warm doesn’t mean sacrificing individuality. The brand offers freedom in choosing which jacket will become a seasonal uniform. This isn’t just any jacket, it’s your jacket.

Fortunately Superdry’s Autumn/Winter collection also covers what you’re wearing underneath. They’ve released 450 new styles for women and men to prepare you for whatever kinds of winter adventures that lay ahead. True to brand reputation, there’s no lack of option in terms of clean and classic silhouettes. The collection covers the spectrum of formality, adequately preparing you to dress for a New Years Eve extravaganza, a cozy night in, and everything in between. While the Superdry jacket is celebrated based on its adaptability, new sweaters, pants, boots and dresses allow for more specificity in our wardrobe curation. Superdry knows that stability and assurance in our winter jackets breed more play and creativity in our daily dress. The hoard of new items in the Autumn/Winter collection provides opportunity for experimentation in style. Ultimately, its the trust in our outwear that awards us the freedom to explore and take risks.

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