Around the Clock: 24 Hours In the Life of Berlin’s Modern Men, Powered By Diesel’s Smartwatch

We trace a day in the life of Berlin's modern man, keeping time with Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch.

Left, watch by Diesel, jacket by Cottweiler. Right, jacket by Liam Hodges, pants by Diesel, shoes by Adidas, vest by Junya Wantanbe x North Face, jacket by Martine Rose, pants by Givenchy, shoes by Adidas.

Life in Berlin can be pretty unstructured. Fuelled by the modest prices in Sonnenallee’s spätkaufs and the average Neukölln rent, Berlin is unlike many business-driven capitals where work is the only thing on people’s minds. There’s one group in particular who reject the daily 9-5 grind: Berlin’s creative community, who are the driving force behind the city’s culture.

Berlin is a city that never sleeps, and its creative workforce are out in full force at dawn and all through the night. In a world where freelancing and juggling multiple creative projects is the norm, the concept of a “routine” seems obsolete. So what does 24 hours have in store for the city’s modern man? We took to the streets of Berlin to find out.

Left, shoes by Adidas, tracksuit by Cottweiler. Right, sweater by Diesel, watch by Diesel.

For Berlin’s young creatives, every work day is different. “You have to be spontaneous,” explains Evander, who manages his time balancing football and modelling. “So nothing’s more important than good time-keeping.” Armed with a Diesel smartwatch that’s linked to his smartphone, Evander is always connected. Its intuitive interface means that answering phone calls, opening texts and managing playlists can be done with a simple touch. Evander’s working week is all-go, navigating between the football pitch and life in the city. “I have training four days a week,” he tells us, “I have to work around that.” A born-and-bred Berliner, Evander is used to the pace of city life and wouldn’t want it any other way. But in his opinion, down-time should be down-time. “On the rare occasions I have a day off, I just like to relax.”

Pants by Cottweiler, shoes by Adidas.

For Casaoui, this story is familiar. An up-and-coming name in the music scene, the young producer spends most of his days channelling creativity into new music. Casaoui has dedicated his life to music and now, after being nominated for Best Upcoming Artist at this year’s Hip Hop DE awards, his years of hard work are starting to pay off. But it has also made life more demanding, and shattered the concept of any kind of routine. He’s shooting music videos in Morocco, making beats in Mainz and modelling in Berlin. Even when on the move, his Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch ensures he can listen back to his music, thanks to its bluetooth function which allows connectivity to portable speakers or wireless headphones. Casaoui’s not normally an early-riser, but tells us he often works late into the night — inspiration can hit at any time. Like Evander, Casaoui is always prepared, and it’s integral to be connected at all times. Meetings and shoots often crop up at the last minute, and he’s got to be ready to go from the studio to the streets at a moment’s notice.

Left, jacket by Tiger of Sweden, watch by Diesel. Right, jacket by Liam Hodges, jacket by Martine Rose.

Freelance production manager, Mortiz, is also a man on the move. Living and working in Berlin, he’s constantly traversing the city for shoot locations, models and fresh young talent. Much of his work is dependent on other people: no-shows and cancellations are unfortunately all in a day’s work, so anything that can be prepared in advance has to be well-organised. “I have to plan for everything,” he tells us. “I’m always prepared for the worst case scenario.” Luckily, innovative dial filters on his On Full Guard smartwatch are made to assist planning —  impending weather conditions are signalled using symbols such as lightning flashes, rain drops and snowflakes. No bout of Berlin snow is about to stop one of Moritz’s shoots!

The always-on lifestyles of Berlin’s creatives require new technology; items which are as agile and energetic as the wearers. With the objectives of connectivity and organisation at the core of its design, Diesel’s digital timepiece serves as the ultimate companion for a man on the go, and also encourages activity  — when dust appears to gather on the watch’s screen, it’s time to move. Bold and daring, just like Berlin’s modern men, Diesel On Full Guard smartwatches are the perfect companion for the man on a 24-hour schedule.

Jacket by Martine Rose.
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