Berlin’s Finest Fashion Tropes, As Illustrated By Josefine Aspvik

What better way to celebrate Berlin Fashion Week than with a gentle chuckle at some of the capital's signature style tropes?

No one captures the humour in Berliners’ dress sense more aptly than comic illustrator Josefine Aspvik.  As an artist operating on the pulse (pun intended) of techno culture, Aspvik has a heightened awareness of the specific kind of sartorial hedonism that Berlin nightlife breeds. With all eyes focused on the glitz and glamour of Paris this week, the contrast in dress between the two European capitals couldn’t feel more prominent. As such, it felt like a timely moment to revel in Berlin’s “anything goes” attitude toward fashion: one that’s more far more focused on utility than beauty. After all, how much simpler to live in a place where comfort trumps couture, and every season’s most popular accessory is the tried and true fannypack?

Functional Footwear

Umbrella Hats

Mullets (And Other Cheap Haircuts)

Elaborately Shaved Heads (And Other Expensive Haircuts)

Impossibly Small Eyewear





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