The Best Dressed of Berlin Fashion Week Tell Us Their Survival Strategies For The Berlin Winter

January is finally coming to an end, but sunny skies are still far away in Berlin. We asked Berlin Fashion Week's best dressed about their tips for reinvigorating your style in the last leg of the Berlin winter.

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to feel inspired in winter when you’re drowning under layers of turtlenecks and fleece. We figured who better to ask for advice on how to brighten up our drab looks than Berlin’s most stylish? Berlin may not be a “Fashion City”, but it certainly is a stylish one— and there’s no better time to relish in the creativity of the city’s best dressed than Berlin Fashion Week. We hit the snowy streets to capture the standout Berliners managing to pull together eye-catching looks during the coldest month of the year. We asked Berlin’s winter warriors about balancing fashion and function, and their tips for turning it out in the last leg of the perilously cold Berlin winter.


What’s your best survival tip for the Berlin winter?

Kofi: Honestly, go dancing!


What’s an easy way to cheer up a winter look?

Amy: Non-boring gloves — which I currently don’t have. You’ve gotta wear them 80% of the time here, so you might as well buy some that are cute.


Where’s the best place to look for winter survival gear in Berlin?

Luca: Shopping in Berlin is like a treasure hunt. I personally don’t have a specific store that I rely on each winter, but there are always areas I check out when I’m looking for new stuff, like Hackescher Markt. But there are great places all over the map. Your next favourite winter jacket could be found in a fancy store in Mitte, a trashy “Urberliner” junk shop in Wilmersdorf, or a second hand store in Kreuzberg.


What would you say is the most underrated winter gear?

Brian: Tech underwear!


Is outwear a burden or an opportunity to be creative?

Katrina: Outerwear is actually my favourite part about winter. I’m still learning how to “layer” properly, so having a good coat — or in my case, like, 20 — is a perfect way to add a bit more edge to my outfit, and give it the extra spunk that it may be lacking.


What’s your most essential winter piece?

Reggie: This blue coat! I call it my Cookie Monster coat.


What’s more important: fashion or function?

Henry: I’ve always struggled reconciling fashion with warmth during the winter, usually favouring the former, which I guess is pretty silly considering how miserable Berlin winters are. I guess that’s exactly why though; if it’s going to be cold and grey and depressing out, I might as well look my best.


Who’s your seasonal style icon?

Thomas (left): To be honest, I love grandmas in their Chanel costumes, with fur coats, and of course lots of jewellery.


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