Symphony of Now is the Mesmerising Cinematic Tribute to Berlin Nightlife

“Symphony of Now” is a cinematic journey into the vibrant beating heart of Berlin’s nightlife.

From thumping underground clubs to sleepless, dizzying after hour parties, when it comes to nightlife there is no place on earth quite like Berlin. To celebrate the city’s infamous nocturnal scene, a kaleidoscopic documentary entitled “Symphony of Now” will premiere the night prior to next week’s Berlin International Film Festival. Produced by experimental creative platform Audi Zeitgeist Projects and soundtracked by Innervisions’ Frank Wiedemann, this will be a hypnotic cinematic tribute to a city like no other.

“Symphony of Now” will be the second feature length film by director Johannes Schaff, who has previously directed an acclaimed documentary on American hip-hop group, Yo! Majesty. This time, Schaff has teamed up with music video director Lil Internet, who has worked with Iggy Azalea and Boys Noize, to create a sensational visual exploration of Berlin’s heart-stopping nightlife. Innervisions head honcho, Frank Wiedemann, curates the soundtrack, co-producing with a notable range of electronic musicians including, Thomas Fehlmann, Modeselektor, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Alex Do, as well as hip-hop producer, Samon Kawamura. Filmed in well-known spots and public spaces along with mysterious urban hideaways, “Symphony of Now” captures the pulsating magic of a Berlin night.

As inspiration, “Symphony Of Now” takes cue from Walther Ruttmann’s famous “Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis” (1927), which depicts the city as a living, breathing organism, buzzing with energy and activity. Ruttmann’s film is particularly famous for its innovative short-cuts and for presenting the daily life of the city as a frenetic montage. Following in the footsteps of Ruttmann’s fragmented classic, “Symphony of Now” is a mesmerising deep-dive into the labyrinthine underworld of a city that never stops. At last, here’s a film that encapsulates Berlin’s vibrant magnetism – and why we all can’t get enough of it.

There will be premiere screenings of “Symphony of Now” on 14, 15 and 16 February in a secret Berlin location. If you are as excited as we are, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on SLEEK’s Facebook page for details on how to win tickets. 

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