The Sleek Team’s Favourite Spreads from Our New Issue

SLEEK 57 has arrived. In celebration, members of the print team talk through the making of their favourite spreads.

Grace Banks — Editor in Chief

Total looks: Giorgio Armani

Phoebe Collings-James by Micaiah Carter

I’ve followed the work of American photographer Micaiah Carter for a while now. His spotlight on young black creativity in New York is something to be excited about—his pictures show the power in a new generation of makers, thinkers and creatives who, were it not for Carter’s lens, might not be made visible to us. I’m proud that we’re featuring him in this spring issue of SLEEK and I know he’s going to be achieve event more success and acclaim than he has already. The pairing of Carter and the artist Phoebe Collings-James turned out to be an electric mix, the photos are beautiful, powerful and intimate.”

Rachael Rodgers — Fashion Editor

Maria Forque by Noel Quintela

“After discovering Maria on Instagram, I knew I definitely wanted to shoot her. Luckily, photographer Noel Quintela, who I had worked with before, knew her from Madrid so we were really excited to collaborate on this. We had references from ’90s Marilyn Mason shoots, alien creatures from films like “Valerian” and Hentai characters — that’s where the floor length hair came from. It wasn’t an easy shoot to pull of, from protecting samples from body paint, to worrying about being arrested for indecent exposure, but Maria was easy to work with, she was just into nailing every shot.”

Victoria Gisborne-Land — Creative Editor

Asger Carlsen for the Cabinet

“I’ve been a fan of Asger Carlsen for years, and have followed his career closely, so it was a pleasure to have him on board for this issues Cabinet. He’s chosen a portfolio of 14 images, which we’ve printed on uncoated paper, and they look amazing. His signature way of bending the truth and distorting his subjects, and in turn the viewer’s mind, makes him stand out to me as raising the bar in contemporary photography.”

Lorena Maza — Fashion Editor

Nicole Atieno in our womenswear shoot

“Shooting in South Africa was the highlight of SLEEK 57 for me. The landscape and the people there were just amazing, the cast was great — the mix of everything worked so well together to make an incredible story.  The photographer — Vitali Gelwich — and I, we’re so close, we are family. It was not only like working with a great photographer, but working with my best friend. Nicole was amazing too, she’s just a very funny, cool model — and so professional. She’s an outstanding, beautiful girl.”

Harriet Shepherd — Junior Editor

Josep Maynou for Ones to Watch

“Josep Maynou’s work is so like him — full of humour and energy. His artistic approach is so refreshing, and surprisingly efficient, and I fell in love not only with his striking Moroccan carpets, but his entire ethos.  All of the images Josep sent us over were amazing, and it was hard to choose just three! To see the work displayed in such a make-shift way in the place where it was created is so beautiful, I think.”

Nicole Antieno – Cover Star

Cover shoot

“I love this shot for many reasons. We were in the city centre of Cape Town, which was so beautiful. This look was my favourite because I wore it at the ss18 Miu Miu show, and it was also the quickest shot to take of the entire shoot. There were many people coming up to us at the bus stop because they wanted to find out what the shoot was for and it was super interesting to talk to them with their sweet accent.”

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