@victoriancoke is the Instagram Account Auctioning off the Rarest Vintage Finds

Cora McGleam is the new age auctioneer obsessed with vintage secret society dress

Me by @isabelwilliamslewis ? Wearing 30s velvet ensemble from the Lyric Opera?

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This week’s #FollowFriday is taking on us a voyage of discovery through the ages courtesy of @victoriancoke the 24 year-old appraiser of all things old, rare and unique. The Chicagoan, Cora McGleam and boyfriend Casey are the founders and curators of 1837 Auctions, the first millennial-lead auction house who are using Instagram to reach their audience. Cora tells Sleek, “we are an online only auction service that remotely consigns art, antiques and vintage from all over the world! Some of my favourite things to collect are antique miniature portraits and 18th Century art, antique secret society clothing, specifically the Odd Fellowship, and Avant-garde vintage wears.”


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The foundation of @victoriancoke and 1837 auctions could have a romantic roots Cora, who has always had a passion for dressing up met her boyfriend while selling vintage clothing at Lollapalooza music festival. “It just so happened to be that he was a costumer and third generation antique dealer and we were from the same neighbourhood, Rogers Park.” After several years of treasure hunting around America, the pair returned to Chicago to found their vintage empire.

So do u wana join our cult ¿ ?

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The industry, which is often treated a closed sect of the arts and antiques community, is one rarely encroached on by younger generations. But @victoriancoke is keen for that to change, “this industry is very secretive, which makes it hard for young people to get involved in the action…they often don’t know where to begin. We are working on a new project specifically dedicated to young individuals wanting to pursue this buying and selling lifestyle and can’t wait to share our secrets to success.”

My new 1920s bf ?? I just wish his lil ensemble fit me ?

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As a young woman in the antiques world @victoriancoke uses her platform to fuel her business, “I post my outfits daily, which is a lot because I literally change outfits like four times a day. I also use it as a tool for selling, I can post something for sale and it will sell within minutes. It plays a huge role when we hold vintage/designer/historic clothing auctions…I try to post as much as possible to get people aware of the sale.” When you see the weird and wonderful items modelled by @victoriancoke it’s no wonder that 1837’s online auctions are teeming with expectant bidders, hoping to buy a little bit of history.

some auction wins ?

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Cora’s feed of fabulous finds, styled in her own inimitable way are a time capsule of rare, desirable gems that she takes pleasure in discovering. “I enjoy sharing my rare finds and new additions to our personal collection…I will never stop collecting; I guess you could say we’re addicted.”

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