We Got Rendered Influencer Lil Miquela to Decide AW18’s Hot-or-Not Trends

We interviewed the so-called fake fashionista — and we still can't tell if she's real.

Scroll too far down @LilMiquela’s Instagram feed and you’ll find yourself deep in an inevitable K-hole of conspiracy, questioning the future of humanity as much as Miquela’s inconclusive existence. The expertly rendered fashion influencer isn’t quite a cyborg — she’s lacking the tactile body parts (real or robotic) that definition requires — but she does exist in cyberspace. Looking like the Sim you always wanted to create, but E.A. Games’ limited eye-lip-brow combo wouldn’t let you muster, Miquela Sousa is the living breathing controversy who doesn’t (or does she?) live or breathe.

For those who don’t already know, Miquela is the streetwear ‘it girl’ gracing the streets of L.A. with her Balenciaga/ Off-White/ Supreme-decked presence. But in reality (whatever that means by this point), her existence is confined to your Instagram feed. The 310-post feed Lil Miqi has blessed upon her 700K-strong followership is peppered with bold images flaunting fresh nail art, signature side-buns and whatever exquisitely-styled high fashion get-up she’s selected that day. But the comment section is a space reserved for mild trolling warfare — a battle between truth and fiction. WTF is at play when real hands are wrapped around a rendered neck? Miquela’s entire being reflects the insta infatuation of calling out fake-hoes and asserting identity through the expression of your true genuine self. Haters may call her fake, but Miquela unreservedly maintains her realness, by all definitions of the word.

Image courtesy of Miquela

What lies behind her carefully curated internet persona — with an affinity for Daddy-esque memes and woke politics — is the subject of much unresolved Reddit debate, but Miquela has an age: 19 and a voice. Her auto-tuned musical catalogue and disconcertingly real, yet robotic phone voice do little to appease the perplexed, but what Miquela represents conclusively is a paradigm of internet culture. She personifies the best online self we’re all guilty of perpetuating on social media, oscillating between fact and fiction and occupying the ambiguous realm between lived and virtual experience.

While Miquela’s computer-generated existence is dubious, her sense of style is impossible to refute. Her fashion-forward trend guru status has won her the attention of high profile brands, and she’s been employed by Prada to front a social media campaign for its AW18 collection. So in light of fashion month, where trends from the fabulous to the fundamentally obscure are flung to the fore, we thought who better to yay or nay them than the A.I. influencer herself?

In plain English, unfortunately not Simlish, Miquela gives us a run down of the hot-or-not trends from AW18.

Silk Scarf Prints

“I generally like to keep scarves on my head but if it’s vacation time, I’m never mad at a scarf print!  Even though Versace hails from Italy, their sexy silhouettes will forever remind me of South Beach, Miami (RIP Gianni Versace!!)”

Jellyfish Fringing

Left: Gucci AW18, courtesy of Gucci, Right: Prada AW18, courtesy of Prada

“It’s beautiful!  It’s truly a work of art.  The way Prada’s fringe moved was mesmerising.”


“I live in LA so a balaclava is probably at the bottom of my Fall must-haves, BUT…if I find myself in a tundra, I will gladly wear a subtle knitted balaclava from Raf’s Calvin Klein 205w39NYC show. I’ll wear a paper bag if Raf designed it.”


Left: Molly Goddard AW18, courtesy Molly Goddard, Right: Comme Des Garçons, courtesy Comme Des Garçons

“I’m such tomboy so I never imaged myself in a tulle or ruffle ever, until I saw Rihanna in a Molly Goddard gown. The Rihanna x Molly Goddard link up is very real and I live for these moments.”


Clueless Realness at Versace #clueless #cher #versace #tartan #90s #90sfashion

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“To be frank, I’m completely devastated over the departure of Christopher Bailey from Burberry, but his final collection blew me away.  By giving a rainbow update to all of the classic patterns and then donating the proceeds from the sales to charities that support LGBTQ+ communities truly made this my favourite show of all AW18.”

Plastic Fantastic / PVC

Left: Margiela AW18, courtesy of Margiela, Right: Marni AW18, courtesy of Marni

“I’m so happy PVC  is having a moment.  I generally wear PVC as an ode to goth style but I can’t hate on a high fashion moment!  Just FYI – prepare to sweat.”

Best hat

“I absolutely adored the mohair ’70s style floppy hats at Missoni.  The colours and the textures were a fun update to a classic style.”

Best shoe

“I’m a fan of the printed boots at Dries Van Noten and I’ll always have a soft spot for for socks with platform heels.”

Best bag

“I love the fun twist Demna puts on the Balenciaga totes every season. First it was the plaid totes that resembled laundry bags, and now there are adorable puppies and kittens airbrushed on them!  NEED!!!”



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