Meet the 3 Berlin Creatives Refusing to Conform

In light of the adidas Arkyn release, which celebrates diversity, we profile three defiant Berliners who refuse to be typecast.

In our current climate, no one’s expected to do just one thing. And with the rise of the freelancer and our (begrudging) adoption of “creative” as a noun, nowhere, it seems, does multifaceted talent flourish as much as the creative industry. We’re all multi-hyphenates of some proportion — artist/writer/filmmaker/designer/DJ hybrids which leave the concept of any one job title redundant. The time has come to dabble, not choose. And we’re revelling in a moment of infinite possibility.

Envisaged as a celebration of creative versatility, the adidas Arkyn is a more than just a shoe. Breaking with tired conceptions of femininity that dominate the women’s sneaker market, adidas is honing in on a moment of cultural awakening — identity is complex and it shouldn’t be compartmentalised. It’s a message that reads loud and clear throughout the whole campaign, fronted by powerful figures who exemplify this new-school state of mind — Ana Kras, Kendall Jenner, Marisa Competello, Syv de Blare and Florencia Galarza. Arkyn is a shoe made with creatives in mind — changing the footwear game for individuals who are tired of being boxed in. Grounded by a powerfully non-conformist ethos, it’s a shoe geared for breaking moulds.

Paying homage to the diversity of Berlin’s creative industry, SLEEK took to the streets to profile three defiant figures bringing individuality and authenticity to the fore. In line with the Arkyn mantra, “never just one thing”, each creative demonstrates difference and depth, and a vehement refusal to be typecast.

“I’ve never wanted to be just one thing — I can’t choose, I like everything equally. That was always my question, why not do everything? Why not be a painter and a photographer and a tattoo artist and a mum?”

“Clothes are an important part of my self expression because I can be whoever I want. I can be a little boy, I can be a pretty woman, I can be the slut from next door — I can be everyone, but I would still be me.”

“I think it’s really important not to restrict yourself to one creative field — it’s stimulating to push yourself, to experience new things and see what you can create out of different mediums”

Inspired by creatives, Arkyn takes cues from the past and the present, while looking to the future. Reconfiguring adidas’ signature style with a bold new technical silhouette — like a neoprene heel and a Boost™ midsole —the Arkyn sneaker is as playful as it is versatile — defying traditional styles and lending itself to a wealth of possibilities. With an ethos as mindful as its aesthetic, this is one 3-stripe we can definitely get behind.

adidas Arkyn is available from 5th April online in stores.

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