The Fierce New Take on Denim We’ve All Been Waiting For

To celebrate a “decade of DENHAM” the jean brand undertakes its most inventive collaboration yet.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of cult Amsterdam brand, DENHAM the Jeanmaker. To celebrate, the label is embarking on a series of collaborations with fashion and design houses that have influenced them, including classic British outerwear brand Barbour and Scandinavian furniture brand, Norr11. Among them is a particularly exciting collaboration with Atelier Reservé – the design brainchild of visual artist Alljan Moehamad and designer Deyrinio Fraenk – which will see the one-of-a-kind label join forces with DENHAM for a limited edition Spring 2018 collection.



Featuring men’s and women’s jeans, a jacket and a kimono, the collaboration represents both brands’ desire for finely crafted and original clothing. With embroidered patterns emblazoning jean pockets, lasered artworks and a ferocious tiger boldly printed on the back of the jacket, this is a fierce, fashion-forward line that reimagines the possibility of denim wear. Of the collection, DENHAM’s founder and chief creative officer, Jason Denham says:  “This collection combines DENHAM’s signature design DNA with Atelier Reservé’s incredible visual artworks and embroideries”. He describes the creative partnership as a “fusion of their design identities, with an east-meets-west aesthetic”.



Indeed, Atelier Reservé specialise in culture-clash fashion: they reconstruct vintage fabrics to create unique garments that bear a strong Japanese influence. Their innovative approach is evident in the combination of bleached-out fabrics, off-kilter cuts and textured motifs present in their striking DENHAM partnership. It goes without saying that DENHAM X Atelier Reservé is an ultra-fresh take on denim ideal for the summer months.

DENHAM already knew they were onto a winner with this one. In 2010 the jean brand launched their “House Guest Artist” program to work with up-and-coming creatives. As it turns out, Moehamad – who also goes by the artist name “Skulljan” – was the first House Guest Artist, producing a range of skull paintings for the brand. It’s only right then that Moehamad and Denham would unite once again on an ingenious creative collaboration that merges their mutual desire for cool contemporary cuts with an unexpected twist.

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