The New Swatch Range Is Fashionably On Time

Swatch's latest SKIN Irony collection is the ultimate lesson in time keeping


Watchmaking is a craft almost as old as time itself, and for as long as there have been watches on wrists, Switzerland has been dominating the game. Swiss timepieces have become synonymous with precision (because timekeeping as an exact science) and quality, not to mention style, and the Swatch brand is no different.

Conceived in the later half of the 20th century, Swatch came to revolutionise the Swiss watchmaking industry at a time were digitisation was threatening the age-old craft. In 1983, Nicolas G. Hayek launched Swatch’s innovative range with a plastic-cased watch comprised of only 51 components, when the industry standard was 91 or more, but doing so in way that still offered customers superior quality with a more affordable price tag.

In the years since, the brand has become a household name for people seeking out quality and style, but has also lent its timekeeping expertise to the international world of sport. Their latest offering is the Swatch SKIN Irony, consisting of eight new models all boasting the brands slimmest metallic watch line, coming in at just under 6mm high for the most seamless style to date.

The SKINS’s individual designs see Swatch experiment with vintage inspired materials, contrasting leather textures and striped silicone. Each watch exhibits the brand’s signature penchant for minimalist design, executed with premium craftsmanship for an eye-catching instant classic. The SKIN Irony collection offers a timepiece for every occasion and wearer which is guaranteed to last. 

The SKIN Irony collection available from 25.05.18 (or from 17.05. in an exclusive online only pre-order.) Find out more here.


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