These Snapshots of Italian Summer Will Have You Dreaming of La Dolce Vita

Claude Nori's sun-drenched photographs capture the slow-paced magic of holidays in Italy.

There’s something about Italy that’s unmatched by any other holiday destination. Italian life is characterised by a perpetual ease, a carefree attitude so quintessential it’s birthed the adage dolce far niente — literally translated as “the sweetness of doing nothing”. 

If Call Me By Your Name didn’t leave you yearning for Italian paradise — whiling away days with a well-thumbed book in one hand and a chilled Pinot Grigio in the other — Claude Nori’s photographs certainly will. The image-maker’s seaside snapshots encapsulate the spirit of Italian summer — from the sun-hazed holiday romances to the revving Vespas, punctuated by dripping gelato, freckled skin and damp curls tousled by sea salt. In them, young lovers engage in harmless flirtation, bronzed belle reggazze flaunt their finest swimwear and hungry sun-dwellers tuck into risotto after lazing in the heat. 

Nori’s own infatuation with la dolce vita stems from his childhood trips to the coast in the ‘60s: “Every summer we would load our luggage into my father’s blue Simca Elysée and drive to the Adriatic’s Italian beaches.” His fond memories both inspire and seep into his later photographs — and although they were taken during the ‘80s, they’ve aged like a fine Chianti. Keep scrolling for the ultimate midweek escapism.

“Italian Holidays” is published by Sturm & Drang, and available to pre-order now




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