Lessons in Street Style According to the PFW Men’s Goers

Photographer Maansi Jain quizzes a cross-section of the men's shows attendees on how the modern man cares to present himself when he’s under the scrutiny of the City of Lights.

Despite history’s best efforts to shame men for dressing as boldly as women, season after season, designers are still trying to bend the old suit and tie into more liberating shapes for our woefully (and unfashionably) oppressed men. Nowhere is this truer than in Paris, where this season’s designers truly recast the mould, rejecting tired menswear conventions and embracing a truly avant-garde sensibility. Whether it was Rick Owens’s tents-cum-ponchos, Comme des Garçons’ extravagant tailoring, or Virgil Abloh’s whimsical Wizard-of-Oz-inspired Louis Vuitton collection, there’s no doubt that Paris is keeping men’s fashion on the map.

But what of its male attendees? Here, photographer Maansi Jain takes to the Paris streets to reveal how the modern man cares to present himself when he knows he’s under the scrutiny of the City of Lights.

@prettyflacko84:  “I like wearing Pigalle and Y3 when I’m in Paris. My style is kind of simple and kind of street. I like being being chic and yet having something broken in my outfit.”

@peliadri_“I don’t dress for paris. I would rather dress to be comfy and my outfit depends on my mood. If it’s sunny out I like to dress very colourfully.”

Guillermo: “It’s not special that it’s fashion week! I would say drugs and Adrian Bernal‘s mother inspired my outfit.”

@lotto.fr (left): “Paris fashion week is the best to get dressed for because all the other ones are unnecessary and extra! I’m kidding, but Paris Fashion Week is very well done and chic. The energy is better and it has that It-factor!”

@dearabra(right): “I really like used Margiela clothes [in Paris]. I like them so used they’re disappearing!”

@instilsoul: “Honestly, I don’t pretend that I care anymore [about fashion]. I feel like people care too much and I’m just wearing whatever’s in the wardrobe. I like simple stuff with good details like textures or patterns — elevated simple stuff mostly.”

@runawayramo“Today my roommate was hosting the Buffalo Zine ice-cream social and so I dressed up for her. I’m not comfortable today but usually I dress comfy and mostly in vintage designer.”

@koutafukami: “I like to wear Comme des Garçons in Paris.”

@jonathansanchez_art: “I don’t know how to explain [my look].”

@lazoschmidl: “I’m a fashion victim! I like collecting. I pick from each collection, and I really like to hunt. At a certain age you can afford to upgrade, whereas when I was younger I couldn’t really, so now I’m slowly replacing my H&M t-shirts with branded stuff.”

@byborre“I mostly wear my collection which is about turning lifestyle into textile.”

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