Sucuk und Bratwurst Meet Milan’s Hottest Art Talents

The Berlin graphic design collective head to bella Italia to seek out the city's most promising creatives.

Whenever fashion week rolls around, Milan becomes a hotbed of creative activity. Photographers, stylists and models fill the streets, where the beautiful people that flock to Pitti Uomo are papped left right and centre for their outrageous street style. But even with fashion week firmly behind us, Milan’s creative vigour lives on. For a new generation of creatives, Italy’s second city is a cultural hub, and it’s quickly earning a reputation for birthing one of Europe’s most vibrant up-and-coming art scenes. And, naturally, wherever the cultural wind blows, Berliners are sure to follow, so when graphic design collective Sucuk and Bratwurst made the easyjet-set to bella Italia, we asked them to profile five creatives thriving in the city of Milan.

Daniel Sansavini

A Milanese graphic designer and art director, Daniel Sansavini’s professional practice permits him to collaborate with individuals from various industries, including music, fashion and publishing. He is happy to number Warp Records, Priscavera and Nike among his clients. A remarkably dynamic individual, he lives by the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle, stating that; ‘I travel and work as much as I can’.” So, what does Sansavini like to do in his down time? Well, he’s not really one for unwinding, being much more partial to “wearing white t-shirts and getting things done.”

Follow him on Instagram at @danielsansavini

Domenico de Chirico

Domenico de Chirico possesses the kind of professional experience which has people following his LinkedIn like it’s Joanna Kuchta’s Instagram. In addition to being the current Artistic Director of Turin’s DAMA art fair,  his solo projects see him heading to the likes of Moscow, Montreal and our very own Berlin in the forthcoming months. Alongside curatorial work, he’s not only taught at Milan’s European Institute of Design, but is currently a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths in London. 

If LinkedIn’s not your style, you can follow him on Instagram at @domenico_de_chirico

Luca Giudici

Superheroes aren’t the only ones who get to lead double lives. Luca Giudici for example, spends his days working a ‘regular job’ as a graphic designer, and his evenings (and weekends) “throwing parties, DJing all around Europe, producing my own music, designing my own flyers and working with artists.” Giudici isn’t alone. He explains that most of his peers’ creativity can’t be confined to a singular field, and that they all have their own side hustles on the go. “Like many contemporaries of mine I have a wide spectre of passions and interests so I don’t solely focus on one thing.”

So, why is Milan such a great place for young creatives to be? “Collaboration is key and being in Milan allows me to do all these things at once, taking advantage of the connections between my different outputs.”

Follow him on Instagram at @rapala700

Pietro Mazza

Given that Leonardo’s iconic ‘Last Supper’ is housed in the city’s Santa Maria delle Grazie, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Milan has yielded so many Renaissance men and women. One such multi-talented individual is Pietro Mazza, whose work spans art direction, graphic design and illustration. Whilst nowadays most of his work is related to fashion, his professional output is still remarkably diverse. “I’ve had the chance to work on clothing lines, books, branding projects, installations and the production of different kind of images.”

Follow him on Instagram at @p_mazza

Priscilla Tea

Within the art world, Milan has gained a reputation for being “Italy’s new art incubator” (Artsy’s words, not ours). Accordingly, we thought it would be fitting to sit down with one of the city’s most promising young artists; Priscilla Tea. Inviting us to her studio, where large-scale minimalist paintings lean against every wall, she eagerly discusses her current show La collezione impermanente #1 on at the GAMeC Museum in Bergamo. It transpires that, sadly, Tea will soon be leaving Milan behind (at least for a while) as she jets off to France for a residency at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris. Buon Viaggio!

Follow her on Instagram at @priscilla_tea

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