10 Berlin-Based Fashion Photographers You Need to Follow on Insta

This Follow Friday, in honour of BFW, we bring you a roundup of our favourite fashion image-makers calling the German capital home.

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We all know Berlin’s no New York, London, Paris or Milan — its non-status as a fashion capital was cemented long ago, and its fashion week will likely never be the most anticipated on the show season schedule — but is a city with style; that much is undeniable. From birthing brands like Ottolinger and GmbH, to establishing its own signature black-Berghain-bondage aesthetic, the German capital is constantly finding its own unique ways to contribute to fashion’s vernacular. Moreover, in recent years, Berlin has become a hotbed for international image-making talent, and is home to some of fashion’s most desired photographers. So, for this Follow Friday (BFW edition) we round up some of Berlin’s finest image-makers in the industry to freshen up your feed — from established favourites through rising stars.

1. Benjamin Alexander Huseby

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Although he may have been be born in Oslo, the hedonistic German capital runs in Benjamin Alexander Huseby’s veins. Along with Serhat Isik, Huseby is a founder of Berlin nightlife-inspired label GmBH, and his edgy, diverse campaigns for the brand cement his reputation as a tastemaker of cool. Keep your eyes on his Instagram feed for GmBH updates, a clubwear aesthetic and gritty black and whites.

2. Jana Gerberding

Having lived and worked in Berlin since 2009, English photographer Jana Gerberding has made her name as a maker of clever and good-humoured fashion imagery. Gerberding’s work doesn’t take itself too seriously — consider an editorial with a model pretending to type, while her “co-workers” roll around the floor, or another with a model proudly sticking her leg in the air as she lounges across a coffee table. In Gerberding’s photographs, personality always overrules. Check out her Insta for an abundance of awkward poses and a spirited Berlin style.

3. Mark Peckmezian

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Having photographed everyone from Léa Seydoux  to Pedro Almodóvar (for The New Yorker no less), Toronto-born image-maker Mark Peckmezian is renowned for his contemplative — frequently dreamy — nostalgia-hued portraits. Through Peckmezian’s lens, subjects assume a pensive intensity that might go otherwise go unnoticed. In terms of his Insta, expect intimate sketch book photographs, thoughtful portraiture and a beguiling, hazy light.

4. Lukas Korschan

Itchy Sensei

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Lukas Korschan’s professional portfolio combines commercial photography for brands like Nike and Comme des Garçons, with editorial work for the likes of Novembre, The Travel Almanac and i-D. Alongside a sensitivity to the distinct voices of each of these brands and outlets, Korschan’s work retains his distinctive off-kilter perspective. If unexpected details and starkly personal portraits are to your photographic taste, hit “follow” now.

5. Vitali Gelwich

Born in Russia but raised in Germany, Vitali Gelwich is swiftly becoming a mainstay of the Berlin fashion photography scene, shooting regularly for SLEEK — he lensed our Cape Town-shot cover story earlier this year, starring Nicole Atieno — Highsnobiety and Crack Magazine, among others. Most of his editorials artfully tread the line between fashion photography and portraiture — he is drawn to interesting characters and captures the essence of his (usually youthful) sitters with a striking candidness. His studio shots are pared-back and piercing, while his location shoots prove Gelwich a master of colour and composition. Follow him on Insta for plenty of both.

6. Maxime Ballesteros

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French photographer Maxime Ballesteros captures moments of raw sexual energy in uncompromising analogue photography, where figures in stockings, leather, and high heels are illuminated by an unflinching flash. His Instagram serves as a suitably erotic visual diary of, among other things, experiences of Berlin’s infamously debauched nightlife.

7. Timothy Schaumburg

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There’s a brilliantly cinematic feel to the photography of accomplished German image-maker Timothy Schaumburg — who shot Juliana Huxtable for a recent cover of SLEEK, and whose other clients include GentleMonster, Wonderland, Nike and Leica. Dramatic lighting, unusual angles and scenes that invite narrative interpretation underscore much of his work, drawing you in with a curious intensity and making his Insta a must-follow.

8. Joseph Kadow

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Joseph Kadow’s work includes campaigns for brands like Urbanear and MCM, and avant-garde fashion photography for magazines like Novembre. In commercial work, he displays a sumptuous attention to detail, and brings a contemporary urban sensibility to his work as a fashion photographer. His Instagram, meanwhile, is an accessible digital gallery for his photographic practice; a space for him to play with textures, distorted forms and the masculine body.

9. Roman Goebel

Keenly fascinated by the human form, Roman Goebel’s photography consists of stylised shots of beautiful people contorted into unusual poses or caught in the midst of movement. He primarily works across editorial — for publications including SLEEK, L’Officiel, Zoo, The Greatest and METAL — while his Instagram feed makes for spellbinding scrolling, filled as it is with pictures of angular models and pole dancers, alongside smatterings of urban photography.

10. Davit Giorgadze

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With numerous shoots for the likes of L’Officiel and Indie Magazine under his belt, Georgian photographer Davit Giorgadze is a proving himself a photographic force to be reckoned with. He’s rapidly racking up the Instagram followers too with his captivating blend of atmospheric editorial shots, sunny outtakes and elegant still lifes, peppered with diaristic snapshots of his exploits in Berlin and beyond.


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