Functionality Meets Fashion in KIOMI’s Chic New Collaboration with OS & OOS

With their versatile approach and keen eye for aesthetics, design duo OS & OOS are a fitting choice for the latest edition of #KIOMInspired

German mens and womenswear brand KIOMI takes fashion seriously, creating timeless classics to be worn again and again, enlivened with subtle details that give them a discreet, modern edge. However, fashion isn’t KIOMI’s only passion. In the making of each collection, the KIOMI design team drinks in the culture surrounding them, drawing influence from art, design, nature and architecture — the beautiful things in life.

In order to celebrate the diverse inspirations which inform it as a brand, KIOMI has launched the #KIOMInspired project for the month of July. As KIOMI’s followers will know, the brand uses monthly social media “campaigns” to showcase new additions to the collection through the lens of Berlin photographer Volker Conradus. #KIOMInspired is a natural evolution of this: a selection of different of campaigns will be released over the next month, each featuring the work of a different creative professional. 

The aim is to provide an outlet for artists working across a diverse range of professional backgrounds, while breathing new life into the KIOMI brand and helping its followers see it from a fresh perspective. In the first edition of the project, for example, KIOMI designs were complemented by flora from online plant boutique The Botanical RoomFor the latest edition of the campaign, meanwhile, KIOMI partnered with Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen, an industrial design duo working under the name, Studio OS & OOS. Since founding the studio in 2011, the pair have made a name for themselves with their winning combination of highly functional products with a distinctive artistic flair. This approach has won them clients such as Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate, and has led to their international representation at the likes of Design Miami/Basel and PAD London.

First spotted by the KIOMI team at Dutch Design Week, OS & OOS’s versatile designs and keen eye for aesthetics make them a fitting choice for #KIOMInspired. For the campaign, KIOMI has handpicked a selection of OS & OOS objects, including a salmon pink grid stool, a room divider in white and gold, and metal stools in different hues. Our favourite is a composite carpet of interchangeable pink and blue rugs, which can be pieced together and pulled apart like a jigsaw. Not just a covetable item of home-wear, the carpet combines KIOMI’s minimal stylistic language with an innovative design concept.

Head to Instagram to see the latest edition of #KIOMInspired at @kiomi_official

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