The J-Beauty Skincare Secret That Will Revolutionise Your Summer Routine

Put your best face forward with Japanese-inspired skincare brand, MAGICSTRIPES.

Forget about K-beauty, summer 2018 is all about J-beauty as skincare-lovers clamour for Japanese inspired beauty trends. Where K-Beauty is powered by Seoul’s dynamic energy, J-Beauty is driven by delicate beauty rituals. What they both share, however, is a dedication to skincare — and it is this which Beauty Stripes’ founder Natalie Franz wanted to translate for a German audience.

Long before East Asian cosmetics started infiltrating beauty cabinets in the West, Franz was travelling the world as a high profile make-up artist. Whilst working in Tokyo, she came across an eye-lifting face mask popular among Japanese women. After trying it for herself, she knew she had to bring it back with her to Europe. With the simple application of this mask, and without having to invest money in regular spa treatments or going under the knife, Franz’s skin was transformed.

This eye-lifting mask serves as the foundation of the MAGICSTRIPES brand: an ever-growing selection of premium products inspired by the innovation of East Asian skincare. Alongside a range of eye-lifting products, the full MAGICSTRIPES beauty range includes remedies for classic problem areas like the cheeks, chin and hands, which too easily bear the marks of time and neglect.

Quick and simple to apply, the masks take the effort out of taking care of your skin — leaving you free to soak up the summer sun, worry-free.

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