David Adamo

A sculptor beavering away on the materiality of wood David Adamo wants us to know that there isn’t much he […]

Rosa Barba

Ways of telling the narratives hidden from view Rosa Barba’s work begins with the document: taking a fact, pulling it […]

Jason Dodge

Conceiving absences which reveal presences Here’s a problem with making conceptual art: “An empty exhibition space has such a specific […]

Eva Berendes

Painting in three dimensions while reframing art history Given that she usually works in series of six or seven, it […]

Manfred Peckl

Tearing up word, syntax and grammar to create the new visual rhythms Manfred Peckl’s studio is a maelstrom of slices […]

John Bock

Rethinking the retrospective as only John Bock can. When Sleek visited John Bock’s studio, he was in the middle of […]

Monica Bonvicini

The ever-captivating interrogator of the questions of gender, power and desire “Sometimes I think I would like to close the […]

Wojciech Kosma

Art as a feeling, de-performed through loving and fighting. What comes out when anything goes? You might wonder after seeing […]

Mariechen Danz

Considering the body as a carrier of symbols and subjectivity over history.  The first thing one sees, walking up to […]

Niko Princen

Bringing physicality to the internet of things Niko Princen gives a click-by-click tour of his studio, based in deepest Neukölln, […]