FORT Collective

Secondary layes of reality: The situation according to this Berlin art trio. “White Cubes bore us. We create disruptions to […]

Raphael Danke

Raphael Danke creates voids. His haunting, care- fully scalpelled magazine cut-out collages are the initial mark in an enquiry based […]

Juliette Bonneviot

Gesture, recoding language, and misinterpretation She works from an apartment in Sonnenallee, but it would be more apt to consider […]

Edouard Baribeaud

Making pages in the book of dreams French-born Edouard Baribeaud’s pen-to-paper worlds are testament to a process that while ancient, […]

Simon Denny

Channel-surfing between the meanings of TV New Zealand-born Simon Denny likes TV – both as an object and messenger of social […]

Nam Chau

Through text, image and performance Nam Chau examines the haunting relics of memories falsely constructed, questions unasked, and answers still […]

Nick Jeffrey

Throwing paint around and listening to music in his studio, young British-born Nick Jeffrey is an artist who doesn’t like […]

Timur Si-Qin

Assembling everything from stock images to Tibetan prayer flags, Transformers posters and fern leaves, Berlin-born artist and self-confessed “evolution nerd” […]

Antoine Renard

Parisian artist Antoine Renard describes his works as “process more than product”. He’s been settled in Berlin for four years […]

Katinka Theis

An artist with a relentlessly “constructionalistic impulse”, Katinka Theis works in the space between sculpture and architecture. Transforming structures from […]

Kristine Alksne

Kristine Alksne intuitively draws the world into her work, selecting from from personal encounters with people, place, moments and objects. […]

Kimberly Clark

  Operating loudly and reflexively, this provocatively-named collective make statement installations, performances and interventions sourced from the dark recesses of […]