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Sleek 43 Autumn 2014


“Youth springs eternal,” they say. So, for Sleek‘s Youth/Truth issue we turn to the new generation to ask, what is the truth in youth today? What are the ideals, beliefs, and practices the young live by? And while those truths are subject to change (for every generation has their own truths), the touchstones through which the young discover and define themselves do not. For this issue, we examine the traditionally generation-defining themes of music, identity, gender, aspiration, vision and confession to gain insight into the heads and hearts of the young.


We talk to Wu Tsang and boychild about gender; we look at Ryan Trecartin’s contemporary take on identity; young artists confess their innermost secrets in the time-honoured tradition of confessional; we talk to young curators about their aspirations. We also go on a ride through Berlin’s arty club scene, and there’s a curated portfolio of the new sculptural photography where we ask what it says about how young people look at the world.


Also featuring interviews with: Douglas Coupland, Polly Morgan, Neïl Beloufa, Jessica Morgan and Thomas Ruff.


Plus there‘s all the exciting art and fashion content you‘ve come to expect from Sleek:  An essay from Peter Lyle on fashion‘s current play on commodification, a behind-the-scenes visit to Chanel’s haute-couture studios, a selection of first-time polaroids from fashion’s need-to-know new faces, a portrait of the founders of The Moving Museum and also a special dispatches section reporting on new creative communities in India, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Ukraine and the Maldives.


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  • Douglas Coupland


    The 21st Century Condition

    Micro-manifestos by Douglas Coupland

  • Polly Morgan

    Polly-morganStudio visit with art’s favourite taxidermist

    By Arsalan Mohammad

  • Wu Tsang & Boychild


    New youth perspectives on gender

    In conversation with Hili Perlson




  • Homecoming


    Back to Vienna with Helena Severin

    Fashion Editor: Santi Rodriguez

    Photographer: Nicole Maria Winkler

  • Sculptural Photography


    New ways of seeing

    Portfolio by Amy Binding

  • That’s Not My Name


    Photography by Emanuele Fontanesi

    Fashion Editor: Isabelle Thiry