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Sleek 46 Summer 2015

Contemporary Collaboration

From Amsterdam via Paris to Berlin, Europe’s young visionaries are shunning the idea of just another career in the ‘creative industries’. So in this issue of Sleek, we look at how artists and both graphic and fashion designers are employing new modes of thinking and doing in a corporatised world. We talk to design studio Metahaven about horizontal leadership and their work for Wikileaks; while Vetements, fashion label of the hour, tell us about design as a collaborative effort and ditching the big name designer strategy. Finally, we investigate a cluster of Berlin-based artists, curators, DJs, and writers who are creating an ever-shifting series of platforms for themselves. It’s all serendipity in action and ideas over strategies. No more ego. Just seamless creativity, without beginnings and endings.



– Our art cover star, Camille Henrot, gives us a piece of her mind – and the chaos inside it

– Carmen Kass, shot by Till Janz, is our fashion cover star

– Everyone’s favourite internet whiz artist Cory Arcangel teaches a lesson in surfing

– Eckhaus Latta talk to us about their no-marketing, art-influenced approach to fashion, 

– Are they smarter than us? An essay on Artificial Intelligence in contemporary art

– A 16 page creative portfolio on creative strategies in dire times – by London collective Auto Italia

–  Plus the exciting fashion and art content you’ve come to expect from Sleek  – now available with two covers


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