Write For Us

Sleek is Europe’s leading English language platform for the creative community. Based in Berlin, we offer up an opinionated, humorous take on global fashion and arts, through our print, digital, social and events presence.

We are always looking for new voices to write for us and join our team of contributors. If you have a story to share with us, read through the guidelines and contact us via the pitch form below. All writers who are successfully commissioned are paid; we aim to respond to every pitch within two weeks.

Please note:  We only accept pitches for written articles; we do not consider unsolicited photography, photo essay or editorial pitches, and will not respond to photo submissions. All submissions are for digital consideration only. Only stories pitched via the submissions form will be considered. For press releases and commercial briefs, please contact marcel@sleekmag.com. We are only able to respond to accepted pitches at this time.


  • Our USP is visual culture, and everything we post has a strong visual angle.
  • Our stories focus on narrative first, and protagonist second. Pitches should focus around a story, a trend, a movement, or a sociopolitical context, rather than focusing on a particular designer, artist, or show.
  • Our coverage focuses on what’s happening in Berlin, and what’s key on a global level, thereby impacting Berlin & everywhere. So micro conversations about Berlin, macro conversations about the global stage.
  • Everything we post has a strong sense of personality, whether that’s through informed opinion and critique (or informed and justified praise!), humor, or something else entirely — we like surprises!
  • Every post should be of the moment. Moreso than simply being timely, our stories should be bang in the present and on the cusp of the future; we want to know about the discipline or movement which will change how we see the world, the design trend which will be everywhere next year.


  • We don’t accept unsolicited Q&As, spotlight posts (meet the X who’s doing y) or reviews. We’re looking for unique approaches to themes, shows, and individual artist and designer’s works. You can of course interview people and critique shows and work, but the story has to bigger than a review or Q and A.
  • If you can’t sum up “What is your stance, and why should people care?” in a sentence or two, it’s probably not for us.

If your story seems like a good fit for our platform, find our Submissions Form here.